Lots of people may not have known that LG had a Pocket Photo Printer; in fact you may be one of those people.  I like to think I m not too far behind things when it comes to the latest tech, but I hate to admit it, I had no idea LG had made a PPP either.  I am not sure how successful it has been for the Korean company, but obviously it was successful enough for them to create the mark 2.


The follow-on device is known as the LG Pocket Photo 2, which is slightly thinner than the original model and is said to have even better battery life, capable of printing out 30 photos on a single charge. Additionally, LG has upped the printing resolution to 600 DPI and LG has companion apps available on iOS, Android and Windows 8. You can still pair up the device using NFC or Bluetooth and can add QR codes and text to images before printing as well as filters for those that love the Instagram feel to their printed memories.

The Pocket Photo 2 is launching in Korea in mid-January, while LG, currently still hasn’t announced the pricing for this product yet. LG, certainly, is going to be showing it off at CES, along with many other products from the company no doubt. Such as their 105-inch Curved TV! I’m eager to see what else LG will show off at CES. LG’s press conference is 8am PT, 11am ET and 4pm GMT on January 6th.

Would you use this printer to print some photos from your device? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Image via amazingjingforlife]

SOURCE: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2013/12/lg-announces-pocket-photo-2-printer-smaller-yet-better.html