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A new kickstarter project called Bublcam uses a 360º camera technology hardware with compatible software, which can share everything around you through spherical photos... Record Everything With 360 Bublcam

A new kickstarter project called Bublcam uses a 360º camera technology hardware with compatible software, which can share everything around you through spherical photos and videos.  The Bublcam creators claim that it is the world’s most innovative 360º camera.  The camera itself has been developed to be light and extremely portable (it’s a little larger than a baseball). It was created to give users the ability to capture 14 mega pixel spherical photos and record videos at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps.


The accompanying Bublcam software suite allows you to experience the content by looking up, down and all around in any given direction. You can then share your capture moments across your social networks.

The camera device utilizes Wi-Fi and allows the user to live stream directly to a computer, mobile devices and via the web. You can also save your content to a MicroSD card.  And soon your content will be available for storage directly to your favourite cloud storage providers such as Drop Box and Google Drive.

Bubl Cam - Action Camera 360 Records And Plays Degrees Video

The desktop app that is included with every Bublcam allows you to view, experience and share photos everywhere. With this feature you can simply save a panoramic JPG and share it like any other photo you’ve ever taken digitally.

The Bublcam currently provides a high quality image, but with further funding help, the company can make it better. By advancing improvements in FPGA, sensor and DSP, the guys at Bublcam can deliver the camera, to everyone who’s backed it with 32 mega pixel photographs producing an estimated 4920×4920 multiplexed image, 1080p video at 30fps and 720p video at 60fps. Video will also then have improvements in pixel density creating a better overall image for virtual tours, filmmaking, sports, security, family and any experience you may choose to capture. Reaching this goal will allow Bubl to produce a camera that enhances what is already the most innovative 360-degree camera in the world.  Check out the Drone Video Here

The Bublcam is capable of recording video at 30fps at 720p or 15fps at 1080p and exports MP4 format. It records a multiplexed 4-image quad video that can be dynamically blended (the stitching process) or converted into an equirectangular image.

Record Everything With 360 Bublcam

The following information is taken directly from the Kickstarter website:

PANORAMIC PHOTOS:  Photos are captured at full resolution, which is 3840 X 3840 at 14 Mega pixels multiplexed photo exported as JPEG. This can be blended dynamically or an equirectangular (panoramic) image can be outputted.

OPTICS & SENSOR: The Bublcam utilizes 4, 190º, 1.6 mega pixels lenses. The OmniVision sensor captures 5 mega pixels and has high quality low-light vision. The sensor will also allow you to set gamma, contrast, gain, brightness and saturation.

MEDIA STORAGE: You can save your media directly to the Micro SD Card, which can be a maximum of 32GB. The Bublcam currently records 1MB per second. You can also record via USB 2.0 connection or record your LIVE stream using VLC.

WIRELESS STREAMING: The internal Wi-Fi unit will allow you to LIVE Stream your video to a computer or mobile phone. You can use the BublApp, VLC or QuickTime to view your multiplex stream. LIVE stitching coming soon.

So, all in all the Bublcam is designed to be used in a number of different situation and for a number of different uses; For personal life, photo and video enthusiasts, action sports, travel, baby monitoring, gaming, chatting, business, news, security, filmmaking & TV, teleconferencing, real estate and travel and tourism.  If you want to experience your recorded content in a spherical panoramic way, then head over to the Bublcam Kickstarter page and pledge!

[Image via: want-that & pinterest]