When it’s really cold outside I really appreciate travelling in a warm car with the heat turned up full. Can you imagine going from the freezing temperatures outside and then climbing in to an ice box? Me neither, yet the ice sculpting house Iceculture, along with Canadian Tire have built a 15,000 lb ice truck, 11,000 lb being the ice.

Starting with a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD frame, the team transformed the truck with help from Bronson Line Automotive Ltd, who stripped the cab and body and then lowered the height and width of the engine bay. It was up to the team from Pick Me Productions to design and fit a special steel frame that would support the ice chassis. Finally Iceculture built three full-scale ice trucks, which were placed on the frame.

Ice Truck

A lot of work went into making the truck roadworthy and looking like the original Chevy version. In order to prevent the truck from melting, the team first tested the best way of exhausting the engine heat from the ice body. They found that special fans could be used to remove as much hot air as possible, therefore keeping the truck in a frozen state. Using a CNC machine they were able to cut the ice pieces and then water was employed as a welding material in order to keep all the various pieces together.

The ice truck was built as part of a promotion for Canadian Tire. Three ice bodies were needed in order to complete the various aspects of the promo. One was a prototype, another was a show vehicle for advertising agents and the third one was a working model for the adverts.

Ice Truck

Following the commercial, the truck was driven 1.6 km in order to set a new category Guinness World Record. It was then left in the shop to melt over 40 hours, which was also caught on film as part of the advertising plan.

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[Images via Gizmag]

SOURCE: http://www.iceculture.com/