At CES’ Hardware Battlefield, H2 debuted its Health2Sync technology.  This is a amalgamation of hardware and software which is aimed at helping diabetes sufferers manage their glucose levels by providing them with a digital solution to their physical problem.

Following one’s glucose levels is a tedious job, which always has to be done correctly. Writing down glucose readings into a physical booklet isn’t very useful, as it is time consuming and being able to interpret the data is anyone’s guesswork. On top of this, it is easy to forget and annoying to do.  Patients who need to track their blood sugar often don’t do it nearly enough as they should do.

Diabetic Monitor

That is where Health2Sync comes to the rescue.  They want to change the process completely. The firm has built an stylish hardware solution to make the process of tracking your blood sugar levels as simple as possible. Basically, Health2Sync is a cable that plugs into the standard data port of most legacy glucometers and into an iPhone or iPad audio jack. A small square is on the cable, allowing it to interpret the data incoming from the glucometer.  The resulting hardware and software collaboration, is a tool that allows a user to sync their glucose readings quickly to their iOS device.

The client software for Health2Sync allows users to tag their various readings with useful categories: When you took the reading (i.e., before or after a meal), what you ate, did you exercise etc.  The user can also set low and high bands for their blood sugar levels. Data from their various category readings are then plotted for them, showing how often they meet, exceed, or fail in their desired blood sugar range.  People with diabetes can use their current glucometer in the manner they always have but with a daily Health2Sync data transfer, they can quickly draw a picture of their blood sugar over time and that they can better understand the data.  Also, if they have permissions enabled, they can share the data with loved ones and caregivers.

Health2Sync has cuurently raised $300,000 and has an Indiegogo campaign up and running to finance the capital costs of its first set of devices.  The Health2Sync cable will retail for approx $35. According to the company, between 8- and 15% of the population suffers from diabetes, meaning there’s a big market for this product.

[Image via boatingtimesli]