Have you ever wondered what would happen to the national leaders of the United States in the event of a nuclear attack? (Or any attack where their lives are in danger?) You’ve probably heard of the President’s plane – Air Force One – and that would definitely keep him safe, but have you ever wondered what would happen to the other important people around Washington? Well, it turns out they have some pretty neat aircraft as well, and while they may not be as recognizable as Air Force One in the sky, they are more than capable of getting the job done. While a lot of the plane’s information needs to stay classified for obvious reasons, there is still a lot we do know.

Take A Look At The Boeing Plane That Protects The US's Leaders

Talk About A Long Flight

The Air Force currently keeps a fleet of 4 Boeing E-4B’s as part of the Advanced Airborne Command Post. 1 of these 4 planes is usually within a short distance of Air Force One in case the President’s normal plane runs into any kind difficulties and he needs to use a spare. These Boeings make it possible for  the national leaders to conduct the same business in the air that they’d be conducting on the ground were it not for a national emergency.

These planes reach a length of 231 feet with a wingspan that stretches to 195 feet. They can stay at an altitude of approximately 6 miles for 12 hours at a time and can be refueled mid-flight. And these planes are built to last. They are not susceptible to direct fire, EMP, nuclear, or biological attacks. It seems they thought of everything when designing this flying fleet.

Take A Look At The Boeing Plane That Protects The US's Leaders

Apart from all of the various safety features of the planes, they also offer the technology to communicate with anyone they need to talk to on the ground.

Surprisingly, these aircraft still mostly run using analog instruments.

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