A childhood is not complete until one has been fully immersed in a Nerf war of epic proportions. With so many Nerf gun options out there, there is the perfect (not to mention safe) weapon out there for every kid. Want a crossbow? No problem. Want more of a rapid fire choice? No problem. Nerf has got you (or rather your kids) covered. And just as there are almost infinite choices as to the Nerf weapon, there are also infinite choices as to how to carry out your Nerf battle(s). You can sneak up and flank your target, or you can just duel it out.

While Nerf has been popular for years, they are coming out with a product in the fall that will ensure they stay popular and relevant for years to come. How could they possibly improve their design, you ask? They have created a remote controlled Nerf robot. As you can see in the picture below, it looks something like a dart-shooting arachnid.

Nerf Robots Promise Hours Of Fun For Kids (And Adults)

“Go Ahead…Make My Day…”

Nerf and robot could be the best mashup since, well, ever. This Nerf robot will easily get to places that are hard to reach for even the smallest of combatants. And, the possibilities for flanking everyone in your family are almost endless. I can picture many parents getting attacked while in the middle of doing the dishes or doing laundry. This will also be a great tool for sibling rivalry.

Putting Nerf together with robots is a combination that is sure to make anyone’s childhood that much better. Who could be bored with a robotic Nerf arsenal at their disposal?

In case you’re wondering, the robots are controlled by a wireless controller that can control pretty much everything from the aim of the dart to the movement of the robot. The only feature that could improve these is if they retrieved their spent darts and reloaded themselves.

And yes, it is perfectly acceptable for parents to enjoy them as much as their children.

[Image via MikeShouts]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/remote-control-nerf-firing-robots-are-the-answer-to-eve-1523893981