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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Nike promised the world we’d see the iconic shoes Marty McFly wore in Back... The Hoverboard is Finally Available…Or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Nike promised the world we’d see the iconic shoes Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future Part 2. You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones that laced themselves up thanks to power laces. That announcement from Nike must’ve excited a lot of people, because seemingly out of nowhere on 3/4/14, a video went viral that seemed too good to be true. And, as many of our parents tried to reiterate time and time again, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Oh well, read on anyway.

The Hoverboard Is Finally Available...Or Is It?

The video starts and nothing really happens. Nothing, that is, until a familiar looking Delorean drives into a parking lot. And with the Delorean comes a familiar voice – that of Dr. Emmett Brown, or rather, Christopher Lloyd. He starts out talking about how the technology for hoverboards finally exists and then he gets out of the car carrying a case marked “HUVr Tech”…and you can feel the anticipation building.

The Hoverboard…Finally!!!

He opens the case and reveals a Hoverboard that looks identical to the one used by Marty McFly in Back To The Future Part 2 and hands it off to professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. Hawk begins talking about how many who skateboard today do so because of the Hoverboard – and then he starts skating through the air. Over the next few minutes, many “celebrities” try out the Hoverboard, including Moby and Terrell Owens.

The Hoverboard is Finally Available...Or is it?

Many saw this video online and thought it was real. Just as many (if not more) people immediately claimed it was fake. With an official looking company and a release date of December 2014, many hopefuls thought their dream had finally come true. After a drawn out process to determine who was behind it, it turns out that Funny or Die is responsible for the video, though no one seems to be sure of the actual motive. Some believe it might be publicity for Tony Hawk’s new upcoming video game.

They even released another video with Christopher Lloyd at the helm, apologizing for the video and saying that he had been duped. Then he, along with the other stars in the video autographed the board which they will give to a lucky Facebook user.

Have a look for yourself at the original video post that started it all.

I don’t know about you, but I do look forward to the day when an actual working Hoverboard is finally available.

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