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A woman has claimed she was assaulted and robbed in a bar in San Francisco.  The reason for the attack? The woman was wearing Google... Woman Robbed & Assaulted For Wearing Google Glass In A Bar

A woman has claimed she was assaulted and robbed in a bar in San Francisco.¬† The reason for the attack? The woman was wearing¬†Google Glass. Sarah Slocum who is a contributor at¬†Newsdab, arrived at Molotov’s bar early Saturday morning at approximately 1:45 a.m., according to her¬†YouTube page.

The alleged incident occurred shortly after entering the bar.¬† Sarah said that she was verbally and then physically assaulted by what she describes as “Google Glass haters.” One of the people involved went so far as to snatch the wearable tech off her face, although Slocum did manage to retrieve it.¬† Unfortunately at the same time, her purse and her cellphone were stolen and as yet, have not been recovered, according to reports by San Francisco’s CBS affiliate.¬† Local law enforcement officers have not yet charged anyone in connection to the incident.

Glass Attack

As Sarah Slocum describes the verbal assault, on¬†her Facebook page.¬† It began shortly after she arrived at the bar. Slocum was showing somebody how the Google Glass device worked when two girls began treating her with hostility. She began recording the girls’ behaviour using the Google Glass headset and she then informed them that she was doing so.¬† This was the point at which the verbal assault turned physical.

The video default setting on Glass captures only 10-seconds of video.¬† There is an extended recording mode, which Slocum didn’t start. It is not sure whether this was either by choice or by overlooking the option due to the tense atmosphere as the situation grew worse.

Slocum said that a man snatched the Glass off her face approximately 2-4 minutes after recording the video. She pursued him straight away and managed to get the device back, but during this time, others had stolen her purse, wallet and cell phone.

This incident highlights the complications associated with wearing Google Glass or a similar optical recording device.  Google did not design Glass to blend in to avoid accusations of people spying and the company warns owners they should not expect to be ignored if they wear the device in public.

Police are currently investigating the incident at Molotov’s bar, but Slocum has said she does not expect to recover her stolen items. She does however hope people will learn from the incident so the next time someone wears Glass in a public place, the situation does not intensify into a more serious fracas.

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