In case you missed the news, Google decided to release a standalone camera app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. While it will do a lot of the same things your stock camera will do, it also has a few upgrades – one which is worthy of mentioning here. When it comes to recording video, the Google Camera has many cameras and camera apps beat. Why? Simple – because it makes sure you shoot the video correctly. It hates vertical videos as much as many of us do while we’re watching one on Facebook. Seriously, who wants to see two huge expanses of blank screen on either side of the video?

Well, thanks to the Google Camera app, those annoying portrait mode videos will hopefully be a thing of the distant past. Users can still record the video while holding the phone vertically, but Google will flash them an annoying visual warning encouraging them to flip it around. Have a look for yourself at the warning in the picture below.

Google Camera App Makes Sure You Record Videos Correctly

Turn That Thing Around!

Until recently, I never realized this was such a no-no. However, since learning this, I have also seen how much of a pain it is to watch an entire video shot in portrait mode, and I have to give props to Google for sending out this message to the masses. While the screen won’t actually yell at the camera user, I can only imagine they’d get tired of looking at that spinning image every time they decide to record a video.

Do vertical videos get on your nerves? Have you used the Google Camera app yet? Let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments section below!

[Image via diyphotography]