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Who wants to binge on a Halo TV series? Who doesn’t??? I suppose those who do not play video games will not be too... Xbox Studios Wants To Bring Halo TV Series To Showtime

Who wants to binge on a Halo TV series? Who doesn’t??? I suppose those who do not play video games will not be too excited about the prospects of having a Halo TV series, but you never know. If the script is good, the acting impressive, and all the other elements blend well together, the game-turned-TV-series might just become a hit.

Halo TV series

And we all know that Microsoft is working with Steven Spielberg for the Halo TV series. Just the other week, Microsoft announced its plans to enter the TV market with Xbox Originals, which is supposed to have the series as a highlight. We’ve got news, however, that Microsoft is trying to close a deal with the premium cable channel Showtime to bring the Halo TV series to a more mainstream audience.

Showtime has made its mark with shows like Dexter, Homeland, The Tudors, and more. If Microsoft closes this deal, then they might have a goldmine in their hands.

But, what about Xbox Originals? IF Showtime does pick up the Halo TV series, it will be showing each episode before releasing it on Xbox. That sounds counterproductive for the yet to be launched Xbox Originals, doesn’t it?

According to Microsoft, though, there are elements to the episodes to be released on Xbox Originals that will not be included in the Showtime airings (if they come to an agreement, of course). These elements have not been described in detail except that they are supposed to be interactive, adding a different dimension to the viewing experience – which is what Xbox Originals is all about in the first place.

Gaming fans of Halo, what do you think of having a TV show version? Will this fall under the Department of Milking It, or does it actually have the potential to become something you look forward to every week? While Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer has said that the show, produced by Steven Spielberg, will be done “the right way”, and that it won’t be a mere “filler”, we can’t really know till we see it for ourselves. Remember MARVEL’s Agents of Shield?

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