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My wife and I decided to have our “first” real garden this year. I put first in quotes because we tried it in 2011,... Edyn Makes You Grow The Perfect Garden

My wife and I decided to have our “first” real garden this year. I put first in quotes because we tried it in 2011, but due to a tornado we never saw the fruits (or rather, the vegetables) of our labor. This go round, however, we can look out the back door and see everything we’ve planted coming up just fine. This is a bit of a surprise, since neither my wife or I have any kind of a green thumb. In all honesty, you could give either of us a plant and we’d probably manage to kill it within a week even while watering it and placing it in a sunny spot. It’s no joke – gardening is a bit of an art form; some people have it, and some people obviously do not naturally have what it takes. But now, thanks to the Edyn smart gardening system, everyone can have the perfect garden.

With everything else going smart a long time ago, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to do smart gardening on the small scale. Edyn sounds so simple, yet what it does is incredibly complex – it monitors all of your gardening conditions to ensure you always have the best garden possible.

Edyn Makes You Grow The Perfect Garden

Have Your Own Garden Of Edyn

Edyn is composed of a few different parts. The part you can see in the image above is the Garden Sensor, which continually monitors your soil conditions and is powered by the sun. Connected to a smartphone app, it will list all of the plants that will thrive in your garden according to your unique soil condition. It tracks the humidity, the light, the temperature, and more ensuring that you grow the best plants you can grow. The app will even tell you when it’s time to add some more fertilizer.

Beyond just monitoring conditions and giving you advice, Edyn also contains a special Water Valve which will automatically water you garden when it needs it, based upon the weather forecast and what the Garden Sensor detects. No more wasting all that water any time you think your plants may need a drink! (And, if you don’t like the automatic idea, you can also use it manually).

Can you imagine the possibilities the Edyn system could open up – both for farmers and amateur gardeners alike?

Edyn has already shattered its Kickstarter goal, and you can pre-order one of them here for $99 until the deal runs out.

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SOURCE: Kickstarter