For a while now there have been a few rumours flying about concerning Google and them making use of ‘inferred events’ (events grabbed from Gmail/other Google services) and presenting it as a card in the Google Now service.

Well, it looks like the rumour is now a reality for some users as the service is being rolled out. The first signs of Gmail being used for this purpose have arisen across a few accounts.  Google Now pulls information from Gmail and then creates a card.  The service then asks if you would like an event to be added to your calendar. Users may also choose to add this function in the “everything else” section of Google Now’s settings.

Google Now already does something similar to this already, such as pulling train information from confirmation messages. No information has arisen (apart from speculation) Whether or not the service will expand into other services Google provides, such as Hangouts.From Gmail to Calendar

If you use Google services, then the company retains a great deal of information about you.  It does this in order to assist you better and help you to remember things you may forget.  Google has just started testing a new feature that takes a possible event from Gmail and then turns that into a Google Now card.  For instance, if Google infers that you are planning to take a break away for the weekend based on a thread in an email, the new feature will then automatically turn that info into a card and it will then ask you if you would like to add the event into your calendar.

This info was first reported upon by Android Police, and they say you can choose whether or not to continue receiving event suggestions on Google Now’s settings page.

What do you think?  Is Google using too much of our information?  Do you trust Google with that info?  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Image via davidleeedtech]