How do you like to game? Are you solely a console person? Maybe you prefer the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? Or, maybe you’re still hooked to the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Or, maybe you don’t like consoles at all and you depend on your PC to take care of all of your gaming needs. If you find yourself in the latter category, you’re definitely not alone – and your group is getting bigger and bigger every day. According to a recent video gaming survey compiled by DealNews, it seems PC gaming is now more popular than console gaming.

I’ll admit – when I was younger and couldn’t afford buying an expensive video game system, I’d play games on my PC. Admittedly, not many high-end games would work on my low-end computer, but it was still fun for a kid. And now, it seems, the tables have turned – consoles are cheaper and high-end gaming computers are now more expensive. One thing has stayed the same, though – whatever the mode, people still love to play video games, and some for far longer than others. Have a look below at some of the results DealNews found in their survey:

PC Gaming Is Becoming More Popular Than Console Gaming

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SOURCE: Techspot