Isn’t Youtube great? There are few easier and more entertaining ways to pass your time than with a good Youtube video. (Or 10). With all of the different Youtube videos out there, it’s only natural to sometimes wonder what the most popular video of all time is. Is it the Evolution of Dance video? Maybe it’s the What Does The Fox Say? video? Or, maybe it’s some clip of Justin Bieber singing before he was discovered?

While all of the above guesses would be great guesses, they’d unfortunately all be wrong. It turns out the most-watched Youtube video, and the first to ever get more than 2 billion views, is none other than Gangnam Style by Psy. Does this surprise you? It did me. There are plenty of other videos I’d rather spend my time watching, but that’s just me.

Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever

History Made…Gangnam Style

Since it’s original upload date of 7/15/2012, Psy’s out-of-nowhere successful song has wasted no time at all in claiming Youtube’s top spot. His closest competitor (on Youtube anyway) is Justin Bieber’s breakout hit, Baby. Something tells me the Biebs may not be too happy that he was overtaken by Psy, but that’s a story for another time and date.

So, there you have it – the most popular Youtube video of all time, (at least for now) belongs to Psy, for a song few people could have foreseen being as popular as it has become.

What are your thoughts? Does this news surprise you in the least? If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it below.

[Image via Vulture]