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How to Voiceover a YouTube Video Like a Pro
A YouTube voiceover may sound like a simple thing to just throw together. You just talk while a video is playing, right? Well, although that may be true, there’s a subtle art behind creating the perfect voiceover. Get it right and you can revolutionise your content and help maintain... Read more
How to Record Video Games on PC for YouTube
So, you want to be a YouTuber? It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the world over the ability to share their hobbies and passions with the internet, and a relative handful of them have gone on to be huge stars who rake in a considerable amount of money.... Read more
How To Speed Up Your Mac For Gaming
Is your Mac slowing you down? Try these top tips for a boost. Macs and other Apple products come with a hefty price tag, but just ask any die-hard devotee—they’re worth it. Just because your old Mac device has a few miles under its belt, that doesn’t mean it... Read more
How to Make a Watermark for YouTube
Creating a watermark for your YouTube channel is not as difficult as it may first appear And, with a little skill with image and photo editor software, you can create a professional looking logo with ease. YouTube has come a long way since it first launched just 13 years ago... Read more
Tech Companies Fighting Conspiracy Theorists
Alex Jones, highly vocal founder and ringmaster of conspiracy theory “journalism” site Infowars, has taken to the various online airwaves to fight back against what he feels is censorship and a violation of his freedom of speech. The issue in question is the multiple-platform ban of many of his... Read more
Sony Accidentally Posts Entire Movie To YouTube Instead Of Just The Trailer

News has emerged that Sony unintentionally uploaded a full 90 minute movie to YouTube, when all they were trying to do was upload a teaser trailer. The mistake made by Sony’s US distributor stayed online for over 6 hours, before the error was spotted, and the movie removed, earlier... Read more
YouTube Ban On Gun Vloggers Pushes Them To Adult Site
True Story: YouTube’s ban on gun bloggers has led them to post on PornHub. Just don’t Google ‘guns on Pornhub’, trust me…but if you do, you might be surprised to find that recently firearms are being used as more than sexual props.This follows the news that YouTube has announced... Read more
Logan Paul Won’t Be Banned From YouTube
The controversial YouTube ‘star’ Logan Paul hasn’t done enough yet to deserve to be banned from YouTube, the video sharing site’s Chief Executive Officer has said. Logan Paul has been severely criticized in recent months for the content shown in videos he has created and shared on the site,... Read more
YouTube Changes Ad Rules To Appease Big Money Advertisers
And puts smaller content creators out in the cold in the process. YouTube has announced it will be introducing tougher requirements for video publishers who want to make money from its platform, from February, 2018. The changes to YouTube’s advertising rules as well as being a response to the... Read more
Logan Paul Faces Outrage After Posting YouTube Suicide Video
Logan Paul, one of YouTube’s biggest ‘stars,’ has faced a barrage of criticism after he posted a video online showing a man who had killed himself in a forest in Japan. The video received millions of views before it was removed by Paul amid a tsunami of criticism, with... Read more
YouTube Hiring 10,000 Moderators To Police Inappropriate Content 
Google-owned YouTube is to hire thousands more moderators to try and clean up its content.   The new staff will be responsible for trying to get rid of videos that are offensive, violent, terrorism related, or just plain inappropriate for children.    YouTube’s new policy comes after months of sustained accusations that children have been routinely viewing inappropriate content that was completely unsuitable for their... Read more
YouTube To Restrict Inappropriate Content Aimed At Children
Crack down by Google-owned video sharing website is not a full ban. YouTube has announced that it is to restrict the availability of ‘creepy’ videos aimed at children and show popular children’s characters in violent and sexual scenes, if they are reported by viewers. YouTube’s new policy follows several accusations... Read more
PewDewPie Says Sorry For Use Of Racial Slur
YouTube star PewDiePie has apologized for using the N-word online saying that “I’m just an idiot” and that he is “disappointed in himself”. The world’s most popular YouTuber used the offensive term while live-streaming during a round of popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last week. The fallout was inevitable and... Read more
Facebook Launches “Watch” Tab To Compete With YouTube
Another day, another online streaming option that helps take a stab at the regional monopolies owned by the telecom companies. Facebook is the latest platform to launch a video option that will contain original content, streaming television, and more. Designed to compete with YouTube and generate revenue via advertising,... Read more
YouTube To Stop Lengthy “Unskippable” Ads
“Unskippable” ads will be ditched on YouTube – great for viewers but not so good for YouTubers! We all want something for nothing, and in the case of online video content, the trade off is typically annoying popup offers or irritating video ads that play before the desired content.... Read more
Disney Drops YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitism ‘Joke.’
Disney severs ties to world’s highest paid YouTuber over allegations of anti-Semitism. PewDiePie, one of the world’s most popular and enduring social media stars and who has 53 million subscribers on YouTube has landed himself in hot water over ‘humorous’ content he released in January, that he says has... Read more
YouTube Offers Reward To Community For Reporting Videos
YouTube wants heroes! Yes, yes it does. No really, it does… This is the news that YouTube has decided to launch a new way of moderating the public content on the site by encouraging users to sign up and become a YouTube Hero
 The announcement may come as something of... Read more
YouTube To Launch YouTube Red Ad Free Subscription Service
YouTube, the Alphabet owned loss making video website has announced it is to launch an ad free subscription service calling it YouTube Red. While only available in the US to begin with, YouTube Red will cost subscribers $9.99 a month for the no adverts service. The new service is... Read more