I don’t know about you, but before I subscribed to the musical service Spotify, I would usually always go and preview music on YouTube before I decided to buy it. I was rarely disappointed by Youtube, as as I was almost always able to find just the artist and song I was looking for – and usually multiple versions of the same song as well. It didn’t matter who I was looking for – big-name/big-label artists, or indie artists; most all of them were on there for my listening pleasure.

Well, it seems that those days of easy listening unfortunately are about to be gone forever. As it is the popular thing to do right now, Youtube is also entering into the subscription-based streaming music business, alongside other services such as Spotify, to name just one. While it seems Youtube has apparently reached out and offered good deals to artists on some of the bigger record labels, it seems some of the independent artists out there aren’t feeling as much love.

Youtube Deleting Independent Music Artics From Site

Popular singer Adele belongs to an independent record label.

Where’s The Love, Youtube?

It seems that if anyone (or any label) refuses to sign a new deal with Youtube (owned by Google), that all of their content will be completely removed from the site forever.

We should’ve known we couldn’t have our cake and eat it too.  (Luckily, any music/videos on Vevo should remain).

What do you think of this news? Do you consistently use Youtube to listen to music? Please let us know your feelings about this story in the comments section below!

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SOURCE: Forbes