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I am the first to admit it, I am not the best when it comes to home décor.  I think my sister received the... Dulux Visualizer: VR Home Decorating

I am the first to admit it, I am not the best when it comes to home décor.  I think my sister received the art/creative genes.  I’m just no good at picking colours using tester paint pots and painting swatches to see what looks best on the walls.  Never mind, there’s always some new tech just around the corner to solve my problems.  So I knew it wouldn’t be too long before my decorating faux pas would be resolved and Dulux have come up the solution.

Dulux Vizualizer App

The paint giant is embracing the hi-tech possibilities of the today’s world by launching a new app for iPad, iPhone and Android, which will allow you see what your rooms will look like in different colours.  The rooms will be redesigned by virtually re-colouring the walls.

The app works by using the camera on your device.  The Dulux Visualizer app uses environmental tracking tech to detect edges, surfaces and even contour changes.  This allows users to select the area of an image they want to be painted (virtually).

The app is able to detect the difference between wall space, some furniture and fixtures and then it paints around contours in real time, if you don’t move too much that is.

Users can pick any of 1,200 Dulux paint colours to choose from and if you want a two-tone effect, they you can choose multiple paint colours for various walls.

The technology used in the app is quite impressive when it comes to light. It takes into account the light in the frame and then adjusts the colour of the wall accordingly.  By doing this you can see what it will look like in a genuine ambient environment.

Currently you can only order tester pots using the app.  This is because Dulux wants you to be sure you have the correct paint in real life and the outcome is just what you want.  That having been said, a spokesman for the company has said that Dulux is already looking into allowing you order the correct amount of paint for what you need.

The Dulux Visualizer app is available on iPhone and iPad for free from the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

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