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When you get your brand new iPhone, un-box it and start to play with it, isn’t it great to start messing around with all... How to Create Custom Ringtones for your iPhone

When you get your brand new iPhone, un-box it and start to play with it, isn’t it great to start messing around with all your settings, set your apps on your home screen, just how you like them, you know, things like that?  Then you come to setting up your sounds, but the selection shall we say, does not live up to all that you had imagined.

So you realise that in order to get that awesome ringtone or text tone you like, it’s going to cost you more money to buy it again in a format that your iPhone will accept. But, hold up there, not so fast with that virtual wallet of yours! If you want to turn your song into a ringtone, there is an app for that!  In fact there are lots of apps that have been designed solely for the purpose of making ringtones.

Create your own ringtones and text tones with Ringtone Designer.

A great example to get your teeth into is, Ringtone Designer. The app is free and ad-supported; but if you want more features and no ads, you can get Ringtone Designer Pro at a cost of 99 cents, 69p

Here is a quick guide on getting the sounds you need:

  • Open the app and choose a track you want from your library. This can be any DRM-free track stored on your iPhone. Ringtone Designer will make a copy of a selected part of the track and the original will remain untouched.
  • When selected, you will see an audio waveform of the song, with a slide selector for choosing the part of the track you want. The left part of the selector indicates where the ringtone will begin; the right, where it will end.
  •  You can pinch to zoom in on the waveform selection. Then tap the Play icon to hear your selection, but don’t worry if you don’t quite get it right, it’s not a one shot deal – If you want to alter it you can do.
  • When you are happy with your selection, just tap the Save icon, which will then present you with an iTunes-friendly M4R file. All you need to do now is start iTunes and use the File Sharing feature in your iTunes settings. Now add the file to your Ringtones library. (If you are unsure how to complete the process, the app has a link to a tutorial video that shows you what you need to do.)
  • Now that you have added your newly created ringtone to your iTunes library, just sync your iPhone and navigate to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone to choose it.

That’s it, it really is that simple.  You need never pay for another ringtone or text tone for your iPhone again.

[Image via ringtone-designer-free.uptodown]