Apple’s MacBook Air range currently consists of 11 and 13-inch screen options, but for the past two years customers have been pleading for a 12-inch option to fit in the middle. This year might bring the new 12-inch MacBook Air to market, alongside the anticipated Apple Watch, according to DigiTimes.

MacBook Air

Supply chain sources claim the 12-inch MacBook Air will feature an Intel Broadwell processor and super-thin design, and Apple should update the 11 and 13-inch options to feature the same design. To achieve the super-thin design, Apple will reportedly remove the button for the trackpad, alongside adding fan-less cooling design inside the notebook. Some ports may also disappear from the MacBook Air, to free up space on the notebook.

Intel’s Broadwell Core M processors feature ultra low-energy saving technology, hopefully adding a few hours to the next MacBook Air update. Apple may update the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to feature a 4K display option, to go alongside the 27-inch iMac.

Mac sales have shot up in 2014, to 5.5 million in Q3, surpassing iPad sales. Apple should continue to press on with developers on the computer, to make sure all customers are happy. There are reports Apple will also add an iPad Pro in 2015, to make iPads more accessible to customers who want a full computer experience. The iPad Pro will compete with the Surface 3 Pro, which seen a huge sales increase in 2014.

The iPad Pro might tear into the MacBook Air potential sales, if Apple customers want a more mobile option with the same performance. The iPad Pro will reportedly feature a 12.9-inch display, putting it right in the range of the 12-inch MacBook Air.