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I’m not too proud to admit the fact that I am in my 30s and still love superhero movies. Some of my personal favorites... First Image of Aquaman From Batman V. Superman Released

I’m not too proud to admit the fact that I am in my 30s and still love superhero movies. Some of my personal favorites include The Dark Knight trilogy, the Iron Man films, and a couple of the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve wearing the iconic “S” on his chest. (Yes, I enjoyed The Avengers as well). All that just to say I’m really looking forward to the new Batman V. Superman film which is supposed to open on March 25, 2016. The part I’m probably most excited about is that Batman and Superman will finally be meeting face to face for the first time in a live-action film – but they won’t be the only heroes being introduced to each other.

Though he’s being incredibly tight-lipped about the movie to ensure no spoilers leak, director Zak Snyder has let loose a few surprises along the way, such as how Ben Affleck looks in the Batsuit, what the Batmobile looks like, a “new-ish” suit for the Man of Steel himself, and perhaps most surprising of all, a picture of Gal Gadot dressed up as Wonder Woman. But those “leaks” were all in the past, so no big news there. There was a big surprise late last week, though, as the first picture of Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa hit the internet. As far as I know, apart from a brief stint on Smallville, this will mark the first time the character of Aquaman has been seen on the big or little screen, apart from his role in DC’s animated films.

First Image Of Aquaman From Batman V. Superman Released

As of right now, no one’s really sure what “Unite the Seven” refers to, whether it’s talking about the seven seas or the seven eventual members of the Justice League. It’s no secret they’ve been wanting to make a successful Justice League movie for years, especially after the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Here’s to hoping they’ll do it, though it’ll probably mean a long(er) wait!

What do you think of Aquaman’s suit?

[Image via Moviezine]

SOURCE: The Verge