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With the clock ticking on the release of Windows 10–coming up on July 29th–there’s already been a ton of speculation about some of its... Microsoft Edge Has Nothing On These Browsers

With the clock ticking on the release of Windows 10–coming up on July 29th–there’s already been a ton of speculation about some of its features. One of the more exciting features is a whole new web browser, Microsoft Edge.

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ME has been in the works for a while under the codename “Spartan,” and originally it was designed to run alongside Internet Explorer for compatibility reasons. Eventually, Microsoft made the decision to abandon IE 11 in favor of Microsoft Edge (we don’t just like saying “Microsoft” over and over…the browser is actually called “Microsoft Edge.”). ME will be the actual browser installed on all PCs and mobile devices that run Windows 10.

If this browser is really all it’s cracked up to be, then it’s no wonder that some of the major name browsers are already working to release updates that will keep their loyal users happy while hoping to lure away anyone who isn’t all that wowed by Microsoft Edge. Software updates include new versions for Google Chrome, Avant Browser, and Maxthon.

Maxthon is an award-winning browser that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux, as well as on iOS and Android devices as Maxthon Mobile. Besides its 1400+ plugins, it’s really grown in popularity for its ability to detect and block harmful ads and popups, meaning the whole thing runs faster as it zaps those out of your way. One especially helpful feature is the syncing of bookmarks and tabs, so your laptop, your desktop, and your mobile phone are all identical in terms of content you’ve marked so long as they’re all running the Maxthon browser and you’re bringing them up to speed.

Google Chrome has worked hard to shed its reputation as that annoying box you have to uncheck before downloading most updates. This browser has become a crowd-pleaser since its inception, and is now the most-used browser globally. Its simple interface is only part of the reason, though; Google has spent a lot of manpower and money in creating one of the fastest user experiences around. Of course, it’s Incognito mode makes it one of the better browsers from a privacy standpoint.

Okay, we lied… Avant Browser isn’t exactly a stand-alone web browser. Instead, it’s a rather powerful, 100% free, and completely adware-free and spyware-free functionality booster than makes Internet Explorer better. Basically, for all the reasons that users ditch IE (and heck, for probably the reasons that Microsoft is ditching IE), Avant Browser steps in to provide tools and workarounds that enhance its capabilities. Apart from the things like pop-up blockers, adware-blockers, and privacy controls, this booster also offers multi-window browsing, additional mouse gestures for streamlining your work, recovery modes, and a lot more.

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