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Lumira Personal Edition is a powerful and efficient program that is easy to use and gives startlingly good results What’s the best thing about... SAP Lumira Personal Edition: Fast, Efficient, Dazzling, and FREE

Lumira Personal Edition is a powerful and efficient program that is easy to use and gives startlingly good results

What’s the best thing about SAP Lumira Personal Edition? It’s free.

You get an awful lot from SAP Lumira Personal Edition for a free program. Wait a minute…Lumira…Didn’t that used to be called Visual Intelligence? Yes it did, and you also used to have to pay for it. Visual Intelligence was great, but Lumira is better.

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Lumira is a seamless, easy to use visualization solution that is as agile as it is effective. At its core, Lumira allows its users to integrate information from different data sets and display them in dazzling fashion almost any way you choose to. As well as being FREE putting together visualisations is quick and easy to do. Combining mass, or specific, data from different worksheets and data sources is a cinch, and takes literally no time at all. The ability to merge different information this way, is one of Lumira’s big advantages over other offerings.

Lumira makes analysing and displaying data easier. The software makes it simple to identify key insights and trends in a way that just looking at column after column of figures just can’t.

Perhaps the best thing about SAP’s Lumira Personal Edition is the sheer choice when it comes to displaying data. The number of different graphical elements is really good without ever feeling like you’re being overwhelmed. Another bonus is that errors and anomalies can be easily fixed within the graphical representation displayed, meaning data can be optimised without going back to the drawing board. This is real ‘point and click’ on-the-go data manipulation.

Lumira’s interface is elegant and intuitive to use, so users won’t have to spend very much time, if any, in order to start visualising data. Whether your data set is small or massive, Lumira can handle it. Beautiful graphics can be cross utilised with interactive maps and geo locations as well.

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Another welcome surprise is that Lumira’s visualisations are accessible on pretty much any mobile device once they are published, as long as they are HTML 5 compliant. Apple device owners can download the necessary SAP BusinessObjects Mobile from the Apple Store.

Target Markets

While the program is obviously intended primarily at business analysts, you don’t need to be one to use it, or to fall in love with what it can do. The personal edition of Lumira should appeal as much to high school students and home businesses as much as it does professionals. Of course, you couldn’t really expect anything else from a company like SAP. They are without doubt the industry leader when it comes to data set tools designed for the real world. Lumira Personal Edition is by far one of the easiest and friendliest data analysis tools out there today.

Free Cloud Storage For All

Lumira Personal Edition includes 1GB of free cloud storage once you register, meaning that sharing your Lumira storyboard and graphics is hassle free.

The personal edition also comes with a 30 day trial of Lumira Standard Edition, but there’s no obligation to buy if you don’t want it. All in all, Lumira is a great program that knocks the socks off its competitors. There are options from other vendors out there that claim to do the same thing as SAP’s Lumira, but for my money, none of them really hit the mark in the same way Lumira does.

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