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Remote Device Access Redefined with TeamViewer 14 | AD
Searching for a way to get quick, easy and secure access to your system and files no matter where you are in the world? We may have your answer… TeamViewer 14! When TeamViewer 14 was launched it was described as the new standard for remote control and support. It’s... Read more
Essential Small Business Software That Won’t Break the Bank
Whether it’s for HR, CRM, or project management, small business software should be cost-effective and save you time and effort. For smaller scale enterprises whose budgets can’t stretch too far, business software first and foremost needs to be economical. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap in the low-quality sense –... Read more
Get It Together With Our Favourite Team Project Management Software
Find the perfect project management software for your team. In our connected world, it’s almost impossible to effectively conduct business without the help of great platforms that keep your team on the same page. At one time, businesses had to rely on multiple apps and desktop software titles to... Read more
Top 7 Business Apps
Great business software to work smarter, not harder.  Running a business isn’t easy – in fact it’s a 24/7 job that can often require you to do everything from finance and accounting to HR and IT management. Luckily there’s a growing number of amazing business-specific apps and software designed... Read more
Avast Launches Business Antivirus Software Range
Defend your business with advanced antivirus protection and more. It’s a scary world out there. With over 4,000 attacks on SMBs a day, it’s only a matter of time until your business becomes a target. Fight back with new Avast Business Antivirus – exceptional protection with a 100% malware... Read more
Top 5 HR And Employee Management Apps
Take the stress out of human resources and employee management. From advertising jobs and candidate recruitment, through to time-management, training, and reward and recognition, human resources and employee management are time-consuming, often complex, elements of running a business. So, wouldn’t it be great to have a choice of quality... Read more
Top 5 CRM Software
Track leads, convert prospects, and retain customers with these great CRM solutions. Running a successful business isn’t easy, so a quality customer relationship management (CRM) tool is vital. They allow you to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, helping to improve business relationships, assist... Read more
Top 5 Email Marketing Apps
Create successful campaigns. Attract, convert and retain loyal customers. Turn customers into loyal fans and brand ambassadors with personalised email campaigns and automated customer journeys. Email is perfect for keeping your brand top-of-mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or meet you in... Read more
Featured Software: Aircall’s Support For SMB
A statistically high number of small businesses fail each year, many of them before they ever really get off the ground. Too often, it’s not their poor business model or a lack of a great company idea, but instead it’s the day-to-day details of running a startup that cause... Read more
Stripe Reimagines The Concept Of Payday
In the world of mobile wallets, instant payment systems, and accessories that let you swipe a customer’s credit card through your smartphone or tablet, there’s one segment of the retail population that has so far gone unloved: the wage earners. With access to instant forms of payment, one company... Read more
Move Over, Trello, Microsoft Planner Is Here
With the launch of Planner, Microsoft’s answer to Trello, some of Microsoft’s premium customers can already take advantage of the new tile in their Office 365 apps. Microsoft has certainly been busy. Windows 10 is a done deal, the purchase of LinkedIn is rolling along, so why not launch... Read more
Organise Anything With Anyone With Project Management Software Trello
So, the humble Trello is this week’s featured project management software, and why not. It’s way past due. Unfortunately, it’s going to be tough for me to be even remotely impartial with this one, because Trello pretty much is my work bible. I mean, it literally organises my work... Read more
Xero Accounting Software Leads The Cloud
One of the hardest aspects of running a business of any size is the accounting and bookkeeping. That difficulty is only compounded when the company isn’t large enough to add an accounting department, but instead is trying to juggle balancing the books and sending off the checks while at... Read more
Datadog: Cloud Monitoring That Works
What is Datadog? Essentially, Datadog is a Software-as-a-service solution that serves as focal hub that builds business metrics about you and your business based on information gathered from all your data points. It then displays this information via rather nice graphs, charts and easy to understand rolling timelines. Datadog... Read more
New Software Lets The Boss Spy On You
If you land that great new job and you’re directed to take the company’s computer-based training, think twice about scrolling too fast. A Virginia-based software company has developed a program that will report back to the boss about how long you spent on each page, how much scrolling you... Read more
SAP Lumira Personal Edition: Fast, Efficient, Dazzling, and FREE
Lumira Personal Edition is a powerful and efficient program that is easy to use and gives startlingly good results What’s the best thing about SAP Lumira Personal Edition? It’s free. You get an awful lot from SAP Lumira Personal Edition for a free program. Wait a minute…Lumira…Didn’t that used... Read more
TeamViewer Gets An Update
There are a lot of reasons why you might want to take a peek inside another computer, and for most of us, those reasons are both just and legal. I happen to have to clean out my mom’s computer all the time because I can’t get her to quit... Read more
Skype For Business Is Good For Business
Microsoft made the announcement recently that they’ve made the leap from the original Lync program (which actually used to be called the Star Trekish Microsoft Office Communicator) to Skype for Business; a separate interface from the widely-used Skype application that intends to make business calls and messaging even better than... Read more