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Windows 10 Preview members got their hands on the new build of Windows 10 for testing.  Rumors had been doing the rounds on the... Is The First Big Update For Windows 10 Imminent?

Windows 10 Preview members got their hands on the new build of Windows 10 for testing. 

Rumors had been doing the rounds on the Internet this last week or so, that Microsoft is finally going to release the first ‘real’ update for Windows 10 in the next few days. Tuesday November 10th may well be the date to watch out for, as it will coincide with Microsoft’s vaunted Patch Tuesday.

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Microsoft are remaining tight lipped about when exactly the first big update for Windows 10 is actually coming.

The new build, version 10586, is the direct successor to version 10565 that was issued just under one month ago.

But just as in the run-up to July’s official Windows 10 release, Microsoft have removed the watermark which normally appears on preview builds. This may reveal that the major Windows 10 update is just around the corner.

Build 10586

10586 is essentially a refinement on the previous Windows 10 build, enhancing what was already there in the previous build,  and has not introduced any new features. This shakedown test has led some to believe that Windows 10’s first big update is imminent.

The 10586 build instead is focused on ‘bug fixes and general improvements,’ according to the official Microsoft blog notes.

Most of the fixes are  only minor in nature. But some, like the ‘ongoing issue where any audio playing (like music from Groove, or videos from the Movies & TV app) gets reduced by 75% for a period of time after a notification pops up from Action Center…’have been fixed.

Microsoft have also made improvements to the login system as well. Windows 10 will now remember the previous login type used by users. So if users normally use a pin to login, Windows will now prompt them directly for that pin.

Looking Good

According to the blog post, the feedback from the 10586 build has been very positive. The developers have apparently ‘been loving this build in our internal rings as it is very fast and smooth.

If, as many believe, build 10586 does morph into the official update for Windows 10, it will be a big moment for the company.

Promises, Promises

Microsoft have resolved to release major updates of Windows 10 at least twice a year. Given that Windows 10 is supposed to mark the end of the traditional ‘new OS’ for computers every few years, Microsoft now has to releases updates and refreshes of the OS that can automatically deploy to its users, without breaking peoples computers.

November 10th might be the date we find out whether it works or not.