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Like it or not, Microsoft’s continued roll out of Windows 10 has been going very well for the Redmond based Tech giant. With more... US DOD Commits To Aggressive Surge To Windows 10

Like it or not, Microsoft’s continued roll out of Windows 10 has been going very well for the Redmond based Tech giant.

With more than 200,000,000 devices having made the upgrade in 6 months, it’s fair to say Windows 10 has been a big success story for Microsoft. The problem for MS however is that only around 22,000,000 of those new Win10 installs are in the education or big business environments.

The new Surface Pro....

The new Surface Pro….


This isn’t a new issue though. Investing in a new OS across an entire spectrum of issues can be a costly and time consuming business for business, and the wheels of change can roll slowly the larger an organisation gets.  MS however wants all their enterprise customers to shift to Windows 10 as soon as possible, least of all because it will make life easier for them if they all start to sing from the same hymn sheet.

But now Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, has written a blog post that might just convince the wait-and-see campers that upgrading might be the way forward, because the US Department of Defense has decided to make the upgrade to Windows 10.

The DOD has agreed plans to shift 4 million devices to Windows 10 in the next 12 months, and that’s a fairly aggressive, and optimistic timeline for anyone.

The DOD’s intention to begin the upgrade across all its sectors will begin in November this year, and delivers a strong vote of confidence in the platform. It helps of course that Windows 10 has been certified as meeting almost every specific government criteria and standard going.  Both the The National Information Assurance Program and Defense Information Systems Agency have agreed that Windows 10 can be made available across a range of government agencies, and are also versatile enough to be readily worked into future deployment plans.

Speaking to the Verge, chief analyst at Moor Inisghts, Patrick Moorhead stated that security is a massive challenge for all businesses, and that the DoD’s decision will go a long way to ensuring that Microsoft’s reputation as a secure and reliable platform provider will only grow stronger and offers a secure alternative to Windows XP and Windows 7.

“I think it’s the best security proof point Microsoft could have.”