When a company launches an update or upgrade, the intended effect is a safer, more streamlined experience. Instagram, and Pinterest have all launched “facelift” updates in recent weeks, and the worst response has been that they take a little getting used to. Unfortunately, as the Windows 10 debacle has shown, that’s not always the worst reaction. In some cases, the update is such a fiasco that it actually costs companies business in the form of once-loyal customers vowing never to purchase their products again.

ipad pro

Apple is the latest company to release an update that didn’t quite work out the way they planned. Its recent update to the iOS 9 that powers its mobile devices included a hidden issue for certain users: dead in the water status.

Some iPad Pro 9.7-inch users who installed the update receive an error message when they try to power on, telling them to plug in their device and go to iTunes. Following the steps to unlock the device just starts the cycle all over, meaning their device is now a really reflective paperweight.

Obviously, this isn’t sitting well with the owners of these locked-tight devices. Many have reached out through forums and message boards for help, while others have resorted to venting on social media. Interestingly, it’s only the 9.7-inch device; other iPad models and the iPhones don’t seem to be affected.

For its part, Apple has only rudimentary advice: make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed, check your cord to make sure it’s not damaged (because only 9.7-inch owners have damaged cords?), keep trying to reinstall, etc. Other media outlets have requested an official comment from Apple, but there has been no word at this time as to what’s behind the glitch.