Microsoft may be listening to the masses with their new clean Windows 10 install tool.

Windows 10 power users have always found it a relatively simple process to remove all the bloatware that comes with Microsoft’s current Operating system thanks to their intricate knowledge and use of power shell commands.

But for everyone else, getting rid of all the preinstalled ‘filler,’ ‘trial,’ and manufacturer preinstalled ‘crapware,’ can be a cumbersome and irritating experience.

But a solution might soon be in sight for the average Windows user who just wants Windows 10 without all the other stuff.

Microsoft have begun trialling a new tool that makes installing a cleaner and purer Windows 10 all that much simpler, and easier.

While the new tool is still only available to ‘Windows Insiders,’ all indications point to the fact that this is one trial that will be released to the wider public at large before the end of the summer.

Microsoft have designed the ‘Refresh Windows’ tool so that it is actually very user friendly, and follows a step-by-step methodology that can be used safely by just about anyone, regardless of their computer knowledge.

One of the big pluses for the new tool is the fact that when users choose to ‘refresh’ Windows, the app will always download the latest version of Windows 10, so users will always be using the most current version of Windows 10.

The other upside is that there are options to either keep or remove both personal and some of the stuff that comes preinstalled that individuals might not consider to be bloatware or crapware.

As with all insider builds, Microsoft have worked on more than just one aspect. The latest release has also seen the removal entirely of the Kids Corner feature due to the fact that practically no one uses it, which is shame, as my own kids do actually use it.

But then what do I know, I also liked Windows Phones….

That said though, a completely pure and bloatware free version of Windows 10 that anyone can use? That seems like a really positive step forward for the Redmond based tech giant, and for everyone else who owns a computer.