Password Memory 6 takes the hassle out of passwords

The average person has to have  passwords for around 20 different email and website accounts.

These days, having to keep tabs on an almost endless array of login details and account names can be a frustrating and tedious experience.

Password Memory 6 1The other thing is that if you’re following best practice solutions for creating your passwords, then you make them long and make sure you have lots of number and letters that don’t necessarily make much sense, which makes them even harder to remember.

This is where Password Memory 6 can solve the above issues, pretty much forever.

Password Memory 6 is the latest edition of the long running series that has successfully manged and encrypted peoples passwords for years.

Some of the best features include the ability to auto generate random passwords that give for extremely high levels of security and also the ability to secure financial information.

Password Memory 6 is also extremely customisable, and can be setup and be running in a matter of minutes regardless of tech know-how or experience.

Advanced users can also avail of the many configuration settings that actually make Password Memory 6 a virtual joy to use.  You can choose whether or not it runs at start up, pick from different colour schemes and can also choose whether it stays above other frames in the foreground or not.

The user interface will also seem very familiar to anyone who’s ever used a computer, and pretty much anyone will find it a breeze to navigate through.

And of course, it also stores your passwords, and has a very effective reminder system should you ever forget your password for Password Memory6. The thing I like the most about this essential little app though, is the relatively small footprint it leaves on the performance of any machine it runs on.

In conclusion, Password Memory 6 is a strong, secure, easy to use, and reliable password manager for anyone looking for such an app.

You can download it for free, here.