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LastPass Password Manager: The Last Password You’ll Ever Need?
Simple, secure and vital for the tech age.  LastPass Password Manager has a lot going for it. Unlike a lot of password managers it’s very easy to use, comes with a lot of options, and even the free version offers a truly feature rich environment. Studies and reports by... Read more
LastPass Offers Free Multi-Device Access
When LastPass launched in 2008, it had a specific security goal in mind: to help tech users come up with strong, unique passwords that no hacker could ever guess. The concept is actually simple. You create an account, sync it to all your online accounts, and you’re only charged... Read more
Russian Linked With LinkedIn Hack Named
29-year-old man’s arrest linked to 2012 professional social network security breach that saw over 150,000,000 user’s details being stolen. A Russian man has been charged with hacking and stealing information from computers at LinkedIn and other San Francisco Bay Area companies The US attorney’s office in San Francisco has announced that... Read more
“Security Fatigue” Concerns Over Constant Hack Warnings
Study warns that users are just plain old  tired of having to remember so many passwords. A new study from the North American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has discovered that a large proportion of people they interviewed were experiencing a heightened sense of security fatigue that... Read more
Yahoo Hack Proves Passwords Aren’t The Only Target
When large-scale data breaches and hacking events first became headline news, thieves were after credit card information, debit card accounts, and other payment details. But the problem with that type of low-hanging fruit is it’s all too easily changed. Within moments of the first fraudulent transaction–if it even goes... Read more
Featured Software: Password Boss
There’s a universal truth about passwords: they suck. More specifically, it’s tech users who kinda suck at coming up with passwords. Why? Because it’s annoying, or because it’s time consuming, or more likely, because there’s this little belief that hacking won’t happen to them. But with record setting numbers... Read more
Password Memory 6: Never Have To Remember Another Password Again!
Password Memory 6 takes the hassle out of passwords The average person has to have  passwords for around 20 different email and website accounts. These days, having to keep tabs on an almost endless array of login details and account names can be a frustrating and tedious experience. The... Read more
The Worst Passwords Of 2015 Revealed: People Still Using 123456!
And so here we are fresh into 2016, almost a fifth of the way into the 21st Century. The internet and the world wide web are a part of everyday life. We can land a robot on a comet, and we can talk on Skype with someone speaking a... Read more
AVG Vulnerability Could Have Allowed Hackers To Easily Steal Passwords
Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy has taken AVG developers to task over genuine security risks that could have allowed hackers to infiltrate users web browsers. We covered the story last week of how Ormandy discovered that AVG’s free Web TuneUp Chrome browser extension was a potential security threat, that... Read more
LogMeIn Buys LastPass For $125 million
LogMeIn, the specialist remote computer access company has bought the ever popular password-management firm LastPass, for $125 million. LogMeIn released the news in a statement last Friday, October 9th. While the acquisition has yet be finalized, both companies concerned expect the deal to be closed in the coming weeks.... Read more
GCHQ Password Guidance: Can You Trust It?
GCHQ, the UK government spy agency have recommended that people use simpler, easy to remember passwords, suggest banning password strength meters and regular password changes. But can you trust security advice that comes from the same people who were found to be unlawfully conducting mass surveillance against its own... Read more
SpeedyPassword Makes Data Security Easy
If you think news of yet another hacking event or data breach comes up practically every day, you’d be right. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s recent compilation on the statistics of breaches, there have been over 5,000 data breaches in the last ten years, which compromised nearly... Read more
Keep Your Passwords Safe with Password Safe
Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away. Using Password Safe you can organize your passwords... Read more
Get Ultimate Secure Passwords With Winfrasoft PinGrid
Everyone has lots of passwords to remember these days.  The advent of the Internet brought with it all sorts of security problems for its users. Not to worry though, as soon we may have a secure solution to our password problems in the form of Winfrasoft’s PinGrid.  Why is... Read more
Microsoft Wants Better Security than Passwords
Security is the biggest issue for technology users today. From online passwords to passwords and/or passcodes for devices – we there are always people on the lookout for a flaw so that they can take advantage of unauthorized access. And Microsoft is dead serious about finding something better than... Read more
Are Your Internet Passwords Secure?
We might as well just go ahead and admit it: sometimes, we get lazy with our internet passwords. After all, it seems like anymore we have way too many passwords to remember. There’s the email password, the online banking password, the Facebook password, the work email password, and on... Read more
Need A New Password? Don’t Use Your Dog’s Name!
Some of the biggest company names have been affected by security breaches, meaning that vast numbers of users’ login names and passwords have been stolen. This has led to researchers studying how people pick passwords. The result? Well if you are a red-head then you are likely to pick... Read more
Did Edward Snowden Trick Co-Workers Into Giving Up Passwords?
It seems you can’t turn on news anywhere without seeing some kind of report about Edward Snowden. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, made sparks fly when he leaked thousands of confidential NSA documents to the press in early 2013. What has not been known up to this... Read more