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Not too many years ago, the world was plagued with a compatibility issue that had the power to stop business in its tracks. Okay,... WPS Office 2016 – All Your Office Tools In One Place!

Not too many years ago, the world was plagued with a compatibility issue that had the power to stop business in its tracks. Okay, that might sound a little bit melodramatic, but it’s true. The issue stemmed from the various office suites, more specifically in the lack of communication between the different document file types they produced. If you were waiting on an important document to come through email, there was an excellent chance your computer couldn’t open it if you weren’t writing drafts in the same software.

wps office

Fortunately, that’s one of the innovations in office productivity software that’s made huge strides in the past few years. Now, consumers have a wide variety of choices–especially free, open source options–that will still maintain that vital compatibility. The days of sheepishly admitting you’d written the proposal using the free (weak) word processor that came pre-installed on your computer–and therefore, looking somewhat unprofessional–are over.

One of the top picks for free productivity software is WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition, available for download here. The suite does everything you could possibly want from an easy-to-use, easy-to-install free edition. It includes the three major office tools: a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, and a presentation maker (we’re not supposed to call it a PowerPoint maker, but much like “kleenex” or “coke,” that’s becoming the generic industry-wide term for presentations). Best of all, its resulting files will be compatible with many other software suites, including some of the high dollar professional suites.

wps office

While WPS 2016 includes all the regular features like spell check, easy paragraph adjustment tools, and a document-to-PDF converter, it also packs an international punch: one-click language control. No, it’s not exactly an insta-translate button, but it is a single mouse click to switch the screen and keyboard interface between English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish.

One of the unsung features of WPS 2016 that could prove to be its strongest draw may be its PowerPoint to Document conversion, allowing you to create a document file out of a presentation, no matter which software suite created the original.

To try the free WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition, take a look on FileHippo by clicking here.