The next Windows 10 update looks like it might be getting a new ‘night mode’ and it’s probably about time.

As anyone who’s ever used any versions of Windows from the current no 10 version all the way back to the early 90s and Windows 3.1, the colour of Windows, is, well, blue.

But blue light has long been touted as something that disrupts human sleep patterns. Ok, so yes, the argument about quite why you’d keep your computer screen on, and running beside your bed when you’re trying to sleep is a valid one. I mean, why would you do that?


Ok, so maybe nobody does actually do that. But there is a market for 3rd party software that changes the white balance of your computer screen toward the red part of the spectrum gradually over the course of the night, such as f.lux, which is free for Windows and Mac users. (For some reason we don’t seem to have it on yet: I’ll look into that and get it sorted)

But anyway, Microsoft have looked into it, and while on the whole, there doesn’t seem to be that many significant changes coming in the next update from the Redmond based tech firm, some Windows Insiders have seen the light encoded deep within the Beta version of Windows 10.


References to a “BlueLightReduction” mode have been found, and should it prove to actually work, users can expect to be drawn to the light and access the new feature via the action centre, when and if it goes live.

Studies over the years have shown that bright blue light, may trick our stone age brains into thinking its day time, and disrupt our circadian rhythms, making it harder to fall asleep.

However, it’s not like Microsoft are breaking any new ground. Apple added the ability to reduce blue light on its Mac software back in March, and also for its iPhones.