Latest Preview build allows users to uninstall some of the default Windows 10 apps.

For many Windows 10 users, some of the system apps that come preinstalled with Windows 10 by default, qualify as little more than Microsoft’s own unique brand of irremovable bloatware.


Trying to remove some of these apps, originally involved power users having to run Powershell commands to remove the apps they didn’t want. Fortunately, after a while, thanks to programs like Geek Uninstaller, everyone else could uninstall the sometime cumbersome apps as well.

But now the latest Windows 10 preview (14936) that is currently out for testing, has given an uninstall option for some of these apps. Before, the uninstall button was an annoyingly untouchable greyed out icon. Users have thankfully been given some more control of what they do and don’t want to have installed on their computers when it comes to Windows 10.

According to the Ghacks website, who seem to have noticed this development first,  Microsoft are giving users the ability to uninstall five default apps, namely Mail, Calendar, Calculator, Groove Music, Maps, and Weather.

Some apps, such as Cortana, for instance can still be disabled, but it would appear that Microsoft won’t be giving its customers the uninstall option for that anytime soon, if ever.

Ordinary users of Windows 10 on the current stable live version will have to wait until Preview 14936 is pushed out to everyone before they are given the choice whether they wish to get rid of one or all of the five Microsoft apps that can be uninstalled.

Curiously,  Microsoft never provided a reason as to why certain apps couldn’t be removed from Windows 10 before build 14936, but some websites have postulated the theory that some Windows Apps are essential parts of the Operating System’s core functionality, and as such essential for Windows 10 to run.