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Transform your old static Office forms into interactive PDF forms with PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows and Mac. Despite startling innovations in form technology,... PDFelement 6 offers powerful editing features, great design and ease of use

Transform your old static Office forms into interactive PDF forms with PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows and Mac.

Despite startling innovations in form technology, many businesses still rely on static electronic or paper forms for their applications, questionnaires or surveys. Often created with Excel or Word, these simple forms lack interactive features such as clickable checkboxes and fillable form fields that improve response rates.

The data in these simple Office forms is also poorly embedded. This means it’s not easily accessed by data extraction tools that help eliminate the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process of entering all your form information by hand.

This is where Wondershare PDFelement 6 Professional comes in. A remarkably simple PDF solution with powerful form recognition that converts your old static Office forms into dynamic, interactive PDFs, kickstarting your form productivity. 

A great PDF editor for Windows and Mac

PDFelement 6 Professional is a form conversion and form data entry solution – combined with a suite of intuitive PDF tools – at a fraction of the price of an Acrobat DC subscription over two years.

With PDFelement, you can create PDFs from hundreds of file types; convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint and Excel; protect your PDFs with passwords; apply digital signatures to PDFs; annotate PDFs with highlights and comments; and much much more.

In addition, PDFelement’s editing engine and design have been recently upgraded. A friendly, Office 2016-inspired interface; clean look; and clearly defined tool icons, ensure a nearly seamless user experience. You can convert almost any document and edit it like a Word file, with little risk of losing formatting or fonts.

For those that need a little help, PDFelement also comes with completely free customer resource centre – including dozens of video tutorials, a short and long user guide, a community forum, countless how-tos and FAQs.



Fantastic form tools

By far the the crown jewel of PDFelement 6’s features, however, are its form tools. These features vastly improve form creation and data collection. PDFelement’s form recognition feature enables users to quickly convert old static Office forms into interactive, fillable PDF forms just like those used by government agencies. In turn, users can apply PDFelement’s robust form data extraction tool to their fillable PDF forms – and even scanned images of forms – to reduce data entry times from hours to seconds. Pretty cool, eh?

Easily Create Fillable PDF Forms from Office Files: Step 1

Here’s how to begin converting your old Office forms with PDFelement’s form recognition. First, you’ll need to upload an unfilled copy of your old Excel or Word file into PDFelement. Once that’s done, you click the form tab and then the form recognition icon in the toolbar ribbon.


The form recognition feature then does most of the work for you. It identifies form fields in your imported document through a simple “name/mapping” process, similar to that used in document metadata APIs. Text-based fields and form elements – like fillable form fields and checkboxes – are automatically identified and labeled, transforming static forms into interactive, fillable PDFs.

Step 2: Customise Your Fillable PDFs and Add Interactive Form Elements

Now, PDFelement’s form recognition feature isn’t perfect. Depending on your form’s complexity, it may not recognise some form fields and create fields where there should be none. You may have a little cleanup to do. Thankfully, PDFelement’s user-friendly interface makes correction simple. You easily add or remove fields, and insert custom form elements like radio buttons and checkboxes – using the clearly defined icons on the toolbar ribbon.



Usually, converting forms takes minutes. Afterwards, you’re rewarded with an interactive, fully actionable PDF form that works with PDFelement’s form data extraction technology.


There’s no longer a need to become an Excel wizard or Javascript ninja to get the most from your digital forms. PDFelement 6 Professional’s form recognition will let you transform your old static forms into fillable, interactive and actionable PDF forms. You can install a trial version for Windows or Mac today and see for yourself today how PDFelement can increase your form response rates and seriously reduce data entry.