Avant Browser is one of the most popular open source web browsers that most people have never heard of.

Avant is something a strange hybrid of a beast however, being that it is built on Internet Explorer. But you shouldn’t let that put you off because Avant has some nifty features under its belt. The best way to think about Avant as a concept, is that it’s the browser, Microsoft wishes Internet Explorer had been. It’s like Internet Explorer, but really good.

Like a really good version of Internet Explorer


Dual engine

For a start, it uses both the Gecko and Trident engines to ensure that it can handle any website that comes on its way, which is an unusual but pleasing feature for an underdog browser to have. Essentially what that means is that Avant leverages the rendering tech behind the big guns of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox to give users a seamless and fast Web browsing experience.

Ad blocker

Avant also has a lot of other things going for it. It has a customizable ad-blocker that does its job very well, blocking pop-ups and other ads effectively. As a welcome bonus, a few clicks can nail those really annoying Flash advertisements that still infest websites even in 2018.

And more

Avant also features a really good integrated RSS reader negating the need to install a third party dedicated RSS aggregator.

Featured support for mouse gestures can also be used to interact with Avant, without the need to make use of menus, and unlike some other browsers out there, it’s a feature that actually works so well, you might actually want to use it.

Nice touch

One really nice touch is the multi-processing design. Each open tab functions independently from the others, so if one-tab crashes it doesn’t crash the entire browser. The undo function is also fairly superb, and you can use it when you accidentally close a tab

Less is more 

The Avant Interface is geared toward minimalism, and the lack of clutter lends itself to power users, and to those who think less is more.  That said, Avant can’t help but be reminiscent of Internet Explorer and for some may feel like going backwards in time.

Avant Browser is light on system resources and fast to the point that it out competes other web browsers by noticeable margins in testing and manages to use a smaller amount of CPU and memory resources than them as well.

All things considered, Avant Browser is a browser well worth considering.  

Why not try it to-day and download it for free, right here, on Filehippo.com