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Flexible and convenient storage means you can access your files anywhere, anytime, and never lose an important document again. Raise your hand if you... Software Review: Yandex Disk Cloud Storage

Flexible and convenient storage means you can access your files anywhere, anytime, and never lose an important document again.

Raise your hand if you still have a box of floppy disks tucked away in the back of closet. Now raise your hand if you also have no way to retrieve the content off those disks since you haven’t owned a computer with a disk drive since 2001. This ever-evolving state of media consumption means many of us face a not too far off future where our CD-ROMs, USB drives, and even external hard drives may contain information that no longer connects to any of our tech.

That’s where cloud storage comes in. Whether you use it for collaboration among team members, syncing across all your devices for a “work anywhere” approach, or just as a safe backup for all your family photos, turning over your content to someone else in order to retrieve it on any web-based device makes a lot of sense.

Yandex.Disk – Convenient and flexible cloud-based storage

One popular option for instant storage and on-command retrieval is Yandex Disk. This web-based solution offers free storage with the option to purchase additional storage at highly competitive rates. Even better, you can purchase this storage for the short term or long term. Only need it for a team project? Purchase the additional storage for a month at a time. Saving a backup copy of your wedding video and your kids’ birthdays? Buy it by the year.

Stores your files forever

But what happens when your extra time is up? Yandex will not only continue to store all those files, you can still access them, download them, and share them any time and as often as you like. You just won’t be able to upload any further data until you make payment again. Your files are still completely secure and accessible, even if you don’t wish to continue your subscription for the extra storage space.

On a personal note, this storage option doesn’t just grab your images for safe keeping. You can organize them into albums, label and title them, and even share the albums through your social media channels.

Work from anywhere

As a workflow tool, Yandex is a full-function storage option. You can save images and content directly from websites without having to download them to your computer first using the Yandex browser extension; the same is true of your screenshots, which you can upload directly to your Yandex cloud. Internet files can also be sent directly to your cloud with the icon. You can also work directly in Yandex’s browser to complete documents like spreadsheets, word processor-based text files, and presentation tools without having to upload them from your desktop, which is handy when collaborating with others on a project.

Do make note of the fact that Yandex does not offer a “commercial” option. They don’t restrict what you store or why you use it, but cannot accept company payments or issue invoiced receipts to businesses. Other than that, you can store, retrieve, and sync just about any kind of file to your storage option.


Whether it’s technology evolution, on the go syncing, or just a failsafe in the event your computer is lost, stolen, or malfunctioning, cloud storage just makes sense. What makes even more sense is using one that gives you affordable security and access while also letting you tailor your storage to your needs.

Download the latest version and try Yandex.Disk for yourself today.