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Media Players are among the most popular software downloads for FileHippo, but which are the highest rated? From movies to music, more and more... The Most Popular Media Player Downloads on FileHippo

Media Players are among the most popular software downloads for FileHippo, but which are the highest rated?

From movies to music, more and more people are consuming media through their laptops, tablets, and phones. But what software is being used to do so? And with so many to choose from, how do you know which media player download is any good?

171218 media player downloads

One nifty thing we love about our site is the ability for users to give software a star rating. This helps us, and you, understand which software is really worth using. 

So, we’ve taken a look at the vast range of media player software on FileHippo and found the 10 best-rated by you, the FileHippo users. 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular media player downloads on FileHippo. 

1. Movavi Media Player for Mac 

User rating: 5 stars

Movavi Media Player for Mac is a great companion for your Mac that will let you play back video and audio in any format without bugs or slowdowns. 

This handy program will allow you to enjoy your favourite music without any loss in quality and with the added functionality of shuffle and repeat modes. 

  • Easily adjust playback settings 
  • Play any video on your Mac
  • Enjoy music in your preferred format 
  • Watch smooth HD video
  • Adjust playback settings in a flash

Movavi Media Player for Mac download

2. GOM Player

User rating: 4 stars

GOM Player is one of your (and our) favourite free media players, and there’s a lot more to this program than codec support. 

It supports a variety of VR and 360° video formats, and provides a friendly and simple user experience with custom configuration. 

GOM Player also gives you access to the largest subtitle database in the world, all you need to do is play the video, choose your preferred subtitles, and they will be automatically downloaded and applied.

GOM player

  • Free
  • GOM Remote: Control playback through your mobile
  • Supports VR and 360° video formats
  • Access to largest subtitle database in the world
  • Plays damaged or downloading files
  • Custom configuration

If you want to unlock the full potential of GOM player and hide the ads, there is a fantastic pro version available, which we have reviewed here

GOM Player download

3. VLC Media Player

User rating: 4.5 stars

VLC Media Player is perhaps one of the most well-known free media players, easily making it into our top 10. 

It uses an easy to use, basic user interface with an array of customisation options. Despite it’s simple interface, VLC Media Player has a great range of advanced playback options.  

You can play with synchronization settings including a graphic equalizer with multiple pre-sets, overlays, special effects, AtmoLight video effects, audio spatializer and customizable range compression settings. Although it doesn’t include a subtitle directory, you can add your own subtitle files by adding the SRT to the video’s folder. 

  • Free
  • Supports an extensive range of file formats
  • Supports playback of incomplete media files 
  • Functional user interface
  • Advanced playback and customisation options

VLC Media Player download 

4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

User rating: 4 stars

Media Player Classic Home Cinema finds its strength in being incredibly lightweight and easy to use.

It supports all common video and audio file formats and is 100% free, with no advertisements. This means you can get straight to the good stuff without distraction. 

media player classic home cinema

  • Free
  • No adverts
  • Simple, no-frills media player
  • Lightweight
  • Custom toolbars available

Media Player Classic Home Cinema download

5. AVS Media Player

User rating: 4 stars

AVS Media Player is another great free media player for Windows. Again, it’s simple to use and has a tidy interface. In addition to video and audio playback, it also allows you to view your selected images in a slideshow and create custom music playlists to organise your music. 

Another great feature of AVS Media Player is the multilingual support, with the interface available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Russian.

avs media player screenshot

  • Free
  • View your pictures in a slideshow
  • Watch video and play audio
  • Create personal music playlists 
  • Enjoy around-sound effect
  • Multilingual support

AVS Media Player download

6. FreePlayer

User rating: 4 stars

FreePlayer is a simple and clutter-free media player popular among Filehippo users. 

It is completely free to use, and runs on Windows and Linux. It can play various video and audio files, and even supports DVD and Blu-Ray discs. 

  • Free
  • Multilingual subtitle support
  • Navigate DVD menus
  • Play files from the network
  • Supports various audio and video file formats

Free Player download

7. MediaMonkey 

User rating: 3.5 stars

MediaMonkey is a music manager and music player in one, for serious music collectors. 

It has a great range of features for any avid music fan, including Party Mode, playback statistics, and custom skins, visualisations and plug-ins to make it truly your own. 

mediamonkey screenshot

  • Organise music and edit tags
  • Powerful, intuitive interface
  • Play audio files with volume equaliser 
  • Create playlists and music mixes easily
  • Party Mode 

MediaMoney download

8. Elmedia Player

User rating: 3.25 stars

Elmedia Player is an easy to use media player for Mac OS. The library format is similar to iTunes so it’s an easy interface to work with. 

The program allows you to create and organise playlists, and even has a nifty smart playlists feature, allowing you to set parameters and then Elmedia Player will organise your files for you according to these rules. 

Elmedia Player also includes custom playback sizing options, including ‘fit the file to current viewer size’ and ‘restore the original file size of the movie’.

elmedia player screenshot

  • Easy to use interface 
  • Create and organise playlists 
  • Smart playlists for automatic sorting
  • Custom playback options
  • Supports a huge range of file formats

Elmedia Player download

9. Aurora Blu-Ray Media Player

User rating: 3.25 stars

Aurora Blu-Ray Media Player is a high quality Blu-ray media player for Windows. Although it was specifically designed for users to enjoy Blu-ray movies, it also works great as a DVD player, media player, audio player and photo viewer. 

One truly great feature about Aurora is the social media sharing support. It lets you share your reviews with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. 

aurora blu ray media player

  • Supports numerous media formats
  • Control Blu-ray playback
  • Subtitle support
  • Social media sharing support
  • Style customisation options

Aurora Blu-Ray Media Player download

10. Zoom Player Max 

User rating: 3.25 stars

Zoom Player Max is a powerful and customisable media player for Windows Desktop PCs, Home Theater PCs and tablet devices. 

It comes packed with a heap of advanced customisation features so you can truly make it your own. Amongst the abundance of features, some of the most nifty are the abilities to create customised mouse gestures, password protect your configuration settings, and create ringtones for your mobile phone from playing media.

  • Designed for speed
  • Quick loading
  • Extensive customisation options 
  • Password protect configuration settings 
  • Advanced and custom mouse gestures

Zoom Player Max download

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to watch a movie, listen to music, or enjoy VR experiences, there’s a media player for you at FileHippo.

If none of these take your fancy, you can see the full range of media player downloads on FileHippo today, and find the perfect one for you. 

Looking for more software recommendations?  Browse our most popular software.

Note: User ratings correct at time of review on 10/12/2018.