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Avast Secure Browser is fast growing an esteemed reputation. Built by security experts, this product sets out to excel in three vital areas; privacy,... Enjoy Privacy, Protection and Performance with Avast Secure Browser | Ad

Avast Secure Browser is fast growing an esteemed reputation. Built by security experts, this product sets out to excel in three vital areas; privacy, protection and performance.

It’s fair to say Avast Secure Browser delivers on all three pledges. We here at FileHippo have had a play around with it, examining all its exciting features, to find that out for ourselves.

The browser’s architects describe it as ‘your passport to the web’, no less. It was created as they felt it was time to stop the internet, and your browsing, being exposed and vulnerable.

“As experienced engineers of consumer security products, Avast strives to secure every aspect of the users’ digital life,” Avast say, in a frank summary of the product.

“Since most of us spend an increasing portion of those lives online, we’ve focused on transforming the power of our world-leading software expertise into a simple, secure, all-in-one browser.”

Has Avast delivered on these big promises? We think so, and in this review we will explain why. It will also give you the full run-down and tutorial of the browser’s key features.

The main point to stress is the common theme that you’ll notice as we assess the three Ps. That’s the great usability and friendly interface offered by Avast. Early praise must go to its dedicated Security and Privacy Center, it keeps users protected, informed and secure online.

Simply put, this is what makes Avast Secure Browser unique. Here you will be able to easily control settings and features that not only ensure privacy, protection and performance – but also make cybersecurity an enjoyable experience too.

“Friendly and simple, it allows new and experienced users alike to easily find and control security settings,” add Avast. “In short: we make the complex simple and let the user make the browser their own.”

24012019 avast secure browser review screenshot 1


So, lets get started, and where better to kick-off our review than by looking at the browser’s privacy features directly? Avast understand that staying private while browsing online is ‘almost impossible’ these days. Nonetheless some impressive features have been installed to keep your digital life under wraps.

Firstly, Avast breaks the mould of other browsers by having most privacy features switched on by default. It also makes it clear to users where these can be found and adjusted. Meanwhile scripts following your online activity are automatically blocked, thanks to Avast’s Anti-Tracking feature.

Stealth Mode makes sure that tracking cookies or web caches picked up while browsing are chucked, browsing history is also not saved. This handy tool can be accessed from the top of the browser and can also activate Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracking and HTTPS Encryption tools.

Moreover, Avast’s Anti-Fingerprinting tool halts sites from using a unique browser profile to identify a user. This means lots of information like add-ons, browser version and language settings can be kept private. However, by default this feature is switched off, as it could ‘break’ some websites.

240119 avast secure browser review stealth mode

Privacy Cleaner also steps in to keep activity hidden, while also cleaning up disk space. It does this by carrying out a swift tidy up of cookies, cached images and browser history – as well as other rubbish that doesn’t have to be there!

Overall, with Avast Secure Browser your identity and digital footprint will always be concealed. The product’s built-in privacy features will mean that no one can track you. Your posts, emails, searching and browsing history are yours, and yours only.


Avast understand that our browsers are ‘more vulnerable than ever before’. That’s why their Secure Browser is jam-packed with standout features and tools to make sure you can be as protected as possible.

It uses the most up-to-date version of Chromium. This means a ‘strong, secure and trusted’ platform is guaranteed. Avast Secure Browser also has everything users need to enhance security built-in from the get-go. Other browsers usually reply on third-party extensions, but not Avast’s product!

As we’re all aware, growing interest in cryptocurrencies and attacks on personal banking accounts are a by-product of the digital age. It’s scary stuff, and Avast has brought in a string of features to directly defend against this type of cybercrime.

Anti-Tracking tech will thwart third-party scripts and keep browsing habits private. This means your CPU will be safe, and your performance will also be enhanced. Bank Mode is available too, protecting users from password hackers, crypto-hijacking and malicious keypad logs. Dangerous and unsafe browser extensions are also stopped, thanks to Extension Guard capabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, Flash Protect is another big plus. As well as hogging computer resources and killing battery life, Flash opens devices up to several security vulnerabilities. With Flash content also becoming practically extinct, thanks to the rise of HTML5 alternatives, Avast have decided to bring in this feature. Don’t worry, this can similarly be adjusted from the central hub.

Overall, Avast Secure Browser provides all the features needed to prevent identity theft, malware and phishing scams. It can block malicious websites and downloads, preventing your PC getting infected by spyware, ransomware and viruses. Meanwhile it also includes a safe and secure password manager. Complete protection.


You would think that having come up trumps on privacy and protection features, the security experts would be pretty content with their package. Yet, Avast didn’t stop there!

Thanks to the automatic blocking of adverts there is less to load, which means everything gets sped up! Avast’s Adblock can be switched on and off with the click of a button at the Security and Privacy Center.

24012019 avast secure browser home screen screenshot

Meanwhile, Avast Secure Browser has received a lot of compliments on its user interface. The straightforward and effective Security and Privacy Center keeps you fully informed, while also not being too evasive.

Increased clarity, transparency and ease of use is apparent thanks to the clutter-free UI. Avast say this reduces the friction usually caused by prolonged use. As we said before, the browser is built on Chromium, the most secure and fastest platform out there – so that helps too!

Additional perks, like the Video Downloader feature, are available as well. This tool allows the downloading of all sorts of media and supports popular sites like DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Overall, the architects at Avast could have easily rested on their laurels after creating a browser rich in privacy and protection features – but they went further. Because of the modifications made and the blocking of ads you get a very seamless experience. Everything is carried out in one place too, which allows ease of access without completely baffling you with decisions.

Final thoughts

We all know that there is an embarrassment of riches out there when it comes to browsers these days. Though Avast has passionately defended the birth of ‘another browser’ when describing the product – and we think they have every right to do so.

Its creators say that we need a browser that is built with our ‘best interest in mind’. They promised that it would not follow the user each time that they clicked a link, used a search engine or bought something online. Again, it seems they’ve made good on this promise.

Avast Secure Browser combines all the necessary security and privacy tools and stores them together in one familiar and friendly place. All the features and hacks homed within the Security and Privacy Center play a vital role in your browsing experience and safety.

You can manage Avast Antivirus and Avast SecureLine VPN, as well as other features like Privacy Cleaner and HTTPS Encryption from this handy hub. Yet, as if that wasn’t enough, Avast has also included other top features like its Video Downloader – complementing the experience, not just the practicality.

The bottom line? Not content with just delivering ‘the world’s leading antivirus’, Avast now claim to have created a ‘dream browser’. The experts pledge to go further than any other browser in terms of privacy, speed and security. They’re on their way to doing that.

Overall, as well as its far-reaching features and the fact it essentially allows you, the user, to be in control – it is also incredibly straightforward to use. A warm and friendly interface, coupled with handy tips and tutorials, makes Avast Secure Browser not only a safe experience, but an enjoyable one too.

Like what you hear? Download Avast Secure Browser and try it for yourself today