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Technological advancements are being made every day. Unfortunately, with every step forward there seems to be greater dangers out there in the tech world.... Android and iOS smartphone users warned about ‘Exodus’ malware

Technological advancements are being made every day. Unfortunately, with every step forward there seems to be greater dangers out there in the tech world.

The latest comes in the form of ‘Exodus’ malware, targeting Android and iOS users. It has been reported that this type of cyberattack can steal passwords and photos.

The Mirror has covered this latest cyber worry. A report, published earlier this month, summarised exactly what smartphone users need to be aware of.

However, the discovery was first made by Security Without Borders. The team there first found the malware in Android smartphones. They are dubbing it ‘Exodus’.

What you need to know about ‘Exodus’ malware

So, ‘Exodus’ is being described as “a terrifying new strain of malware”. It has been detected in both iOS and Android apps. If you’re unlucky, it can steal all of your personal data – Mirror Online reports.

This ‘creepy malware’ was reportedly hidden inside files in several apps on the Google Play Store. So, once files were downloaded and installed to a device, this is where the issues came from.

Firstly, FileHippo understands, that infected apps will start off by gathering basic information from your phone. This could include your phone number and IMEI number.

Next, these details will be sent to a control server. Here multiple binary packages could be launched, with the objective of tracking your smartphone.

Finally, the malware has the ability to collect any data on your phone. This is done by a programme – called DirtyCOW – attempting root access. Yes, ‘any data’ included passwords, contacts, chat logs and even your media files.

So, what’s being done to fight ‘Exodus’?

The Mirror reports that Google patched DirtyCow back in 2016. So, fortunately this should mean that any updated Android devices will be immune.

It’s understood that Security Without Borders discovered an iOS variant. This came from checks following the initial discovery of malware on Android smartphones.

Cybercriminals were able to hide malware in Apple’s Developer Enterprise programme. This tactic allows companies to install custom apps on employee devices.

Credit: typographyimages/ Pixabay

‘Exodus’ malware is the latest threat that iOS and Android smartphone users need to know about. Credit: typographyimages/ Pixabay

According to Mirror Online, “only a small number” of people have been affected by the virus so far.

Advice for smartphone users? Experts have some simple, yet sound, advice for all device holders. In short, be wary about the apps that you decide to download on your smartphone. If there is ever any apps that seem dodgy, avoid them!

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