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In the crowded field of antivirus security programs, it can be hard for developers to make their software stand out. There are lots of... BitDefender Total Security 2019 review

In the crowded field of antivirus security programs, it can be hard for developers to make their software stand out. There are lots of credible options out there, and increasingly it is becoming easier for the discernible user to seek out all the pro level security features for free by downloading various different products that specialize in individual features. That is what makes BitDefender Total Security 2019’s Autopilot feature all the more interesting. It really sets the security suite apart from the competition. We’ll start by looking at Autopilot, which is BitDefender’s defining feature before finishing with a general overview of the Total Security suite.

BitDefender: Your personal security advisor

Basically, what Autopilot does is make it very easy for you to carry out the actions you need to in order to keep your PC safe and secure. Autopilot sits at the top of the Bitdefender Total Security Dashboard and recommends the actions you should take. Bitdefender see it as like an expert on all the software has to offer. This way you don’t need to appraise yourself with a user manual, Autopilot will let you know what type of actions you should be taking and when. It is then simply a case of doing what you’re told.

All the features you’d expect and more

Autopilot is useful because BitDefender Total Security 2019 does have a lot going on under the hood. Once installed you’ll find Protection features, Privacy features, and a separate tab for Security utilities. Protection alone has many separate tools you can run including Antivirus Scans, a Firewall, Spam Protection, Online Threat Prevention, and less regular features like Vulnerability detection and Protected folders and files.

Another key feature of Bitdefender Total Security is Ransomware Remediation. Ransomware has become a growing threat in recent years and BitDefender has a novel approach to the problem. Should any files be encrypted by attackers and held for ransom, BitDefender’s Ransomware Remediation will attempt to revert them to their original state.

Optimize and unlock

Other key features included in BitDefender’s Total Security suite are the One-click Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, and VPN. The two optimizing features will automatically seek out programs and files that could be slowing down your machine. One-click will boost general day to day performance while Startup will concentrate on your boot cycle.

The BitDefender Total Security VPN is actually a third-party plugin that has been developed in conjunction with Anchor Free, who are behind the very popular and effective HotSpot Shield. HotSpot Shield is in itself a premium product that will not only encrypt and protect all of your internet data, but also unlock content that would normally be geo-locked like that you’d get on Netflix or the BBC iPlayer for example. This adds a whole new dimension to the security suite.

Solid performance

All-in-all BitDefender Total Security 2019 offers a rounded and robust security offering. Protection is the name of the game here with a complete system protecting your device in many different ways. With Autopilot constantly prompting you to take required actions too, you can definitely expect to stay safe online, if you decide to go with BitDefender Total Security 2019.