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Locky Rides Crest Of Global Ransomware Surge
Tech security firms have warned that the world’s array of internet connected devices are currently in the midst of a massive surge in the number ransomware attacks being distributed via junk mail. This latest escalation in attempted cybercrime is mostly being blamed on the sudden rise of a new... Read more
Dutch Court Orders Google To Hand Over Fake Reviewers IP Addresses
In the Netherlands, browser giant Google has been ordered to take down the false and abusive reviews that have been linked to attacks on a Dutch nursery. The child care business, which hasn’t as yet been named in court papers, has won a legal case against Google, forcing the... Read more
F-35 Radar: Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again?
The US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, beset by problems and setbacks since its inception back in 2001, has run into yet another problem with some of its on-board software. At more than a trillion dollars and what sometimes seems like a trillion glitches, and a trillion bad headlines, the... Read more
Google hires 4chan Creator
Google has made the unexpected move of hiring Christopher Poole, the original creator of the infamously controversial internet image-board 4chan. Poole, made the news public in a Tumblr post on Tuesday. “Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Google.” Commonly known as “moot” online, Poole began building the 4chan... Read more
Ray Tomlinson, Inventor Of Email, Passes Away @ 74
The inventor of modern email as we know it today, and the man who chose to use the @ symbol to connect usernames and addresses, has died of a suspected heart attack, aged 74. A spokesperson for the Raytheon Company, Mike Doble, where Tomlinson still worked as a principal... Read more
Amazon Disabled Encryption For Latest Fire OS
No, it’s true, they really did. Why? Beats the hell out of me…. This is the news that all Locally stored data on Amazon Fire devices using the latest Fire OS is no longer encrypted, and hasn’t been since last year. Anyone upgrading a Kindle Fire, or any Fire OS... Read more
Mastermind behind $55 Million Bank Hack Pleads Guilty In US Court
Ercan Findikoglu, the Turkish born bank hacker allegedly behind the theft of millions of dollars has pleaded guilty in a US court, and could now face a jail term of more than fifty years. Between 2010 and 2013 the man is believed to have coordinated three advanced cybercrime campaigns... Read more
Windows 10 IoT Core support for Raspberry Pi 3
I do love me some Pie, particularly Apple Pie. But I’m also a really big fan of Raspberry Pi. I think everyone should be. And now it seems Microsoft thinks it as well having just announced that they’re currently working on a Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Core... Read more
DROWN can crack HTTPS In Less Than A Minute
Expert have warned that Websites could be exposing themselves to an attack that can break and exploit HTTPS encryption protections in less than a minute. Yep, that’s right. There’s another branded exploit out there, and this one is causing more concern than most. More than 33% of servers worldwide... Read more
Tech World Answers Apple Call To Arms
At the time of writing, more than 25 of the world’s major media organizations, civil liberties groups, and technology companies, have opted to follow Microsoft, and throw their hat in the ring to support Apple in its increasingly entrenched and bitter dispute with the US government. The case centers... Read more
Microsoft Backs Apple Over FBI Demands
Bill Gates ‘disappointed’ everyone thought he supported FBI There is no doubt  about who Microsoft is siding with. It’s official, Microsoft has backed Apple in its battle with the FBI, and the US government.    Apple is currently refusing to comply with a court order that has required the... Read more
Official Linux Mint Distro Download Website Hit By Malware
Anyone who downloaded Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition last Saturday has more than likely been compromised by hackers. Clem Lefebvre, Mint Distro’s creator warned in a blog post that a malicious 3rd party had been found to have hacked the official website and pointed users who wanted to download... Read more
CCleaner: Fast, Powerful, Essential
CCleaner has been around for a long time, and over that length of time, has managed to carve out a solid reputation for itself. This is one of the few programs that has a permanent space reserved for itself on all of my machines. There’s not really a lot... Read more
Germany To Use Trojan Software To Monitor Citizens
The German Federal government has approved the use of a “federal Trojan” for investigative purposes by state intelligence and security agencies, according to an announcement made by a spokesman for the German interior ministry. The news was announced on Monday that the usage of Trojans had been authorized to... Read more
CCleaner Cloud: Even Better Than Before
All the power of CCleaner, now available from your browser! CCleaner Cloud is the new cloud version of the legendary application. And like the original, has all the features any regular user of CCleaner will instantly recognize, but also a number of new ones that serve only to enhance... Read more
US DOD Commits To Aggressive Surge To Windows 10
Like it or not, Microsoft’s continued roll out of Windows 10 has been going very well for the Redmond based Tech giant. With more than 200,000,000 devices having made the upgrade in 6 months, it’s fair to say Windows 10 has been a big success story for Microsoft. The problem... Read more
Can AI Solve Global Problems? IBM, TED, And $5m X-Prize Hope So
In 2020, 3 speakers will go on stage to deliver a TED talk and vie to win a $5,000,000 prize. There’s a catch however. The speakers won’t be human. Instead, the X-Prize hopefuls will have to share a unique similarity; they will have to be AI. The finalists will all... Read more
Windows 3.1 Lives Again

Windows 3.1 Lives Again

Software February 17, 2016

First the Internet Archive brought back Dos games at the start of 2015, then it uploaded Dos Malware. But now if you fancy a break from the Windows 10 EULA, or just want to see how far PC graphics have come since the final decade of the 20th Century,... Read more