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Rescuing Your Data: A Comprehensive Guide to Data Recovery Solutions

Our digital lives hinge on data, from personal memories to essential work documents. Losing this crucial information can be devastating. Fortunately, data recovery software offers a vital safety net. This guide examines the intricacies of data recovery, its practical applications, and how to choose the right software for protecting your…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

GOM Mix Max’s Big Launch

GOM & Company is releasing its newest video editing software, GOM Mix Max, with a big launch celebration. Focused on balancing high-quality and plentiful features, GOM Mix Max will be a powerful tool for new editors and veterans alike. Users who sign up now can get GOM Mix Max for free for…

Wireless Business Cards: The New Form Of Networking
Back in the day, if you wanted to promote your business or your expertise, you would hand over a paper business card and the individual would file it away in a forgotten Rolodex. The days of the plain paper business card are over. Today’s business industry is high-tech, which... Read more
Cheap Tablets Worth Buying
In 1990 you would easily pay $2500 for an Apple Macintosh that connected to the web at 2800 baud rates and had “squint friendly” graphics, today users can purchase handheld devices that download entire movies in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost associated with... Read more
The Online Job Revolution
Back in the day, online jobs were hard to find and next to impossible to earn a living from. Today, however, more companies are offering the opportunity to work from home online. But, is it actually better? Costs When an employee works out of their home, they have several... Read more
A Quick Guide To Passbook Enabled Apps
What was the first thing you noticed after you upgraded to iOS 6? For me, it was the Passbook icon, which was prominently out of place on the first screen. I am not OC when it comes to my icons – at least not like some people who are... Read more
2012’s Worst Computer Viruses and Malware
2012 was the year of the computer virus thanks to cyber warfare being encountered at the international level and hacktivists groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous attacking websites on a daily basis. With computer viruses and malware on the rise we take a look at three of 2012’s worst... Read more
Is Your Boss A Facebook Friend?
When Facebook first came out, you never had to worry if your boss was on Facebook. Eventually bosses caught on that Facebook was a great way to spy on employees or even see what potential employees are up to on social media. It is doubtful that this was Facebook’s... Read more
The New Blackberry 10

The New Blackberry 10

Mobile October 3, 2012

Blackberry seemed to fall off the map for awhile, but now it is back in the news with its upcoming release for Blackberry 10. Though Blackberry has built itself a long-standing reputation, it has to find a way to convince Android and iPhone users to convert to this new... Read more
Managing Your Laptop’s Battery Life
You’re on the go, but your laptop doesn’t seem to be keeping up. You purchased the bigger battery with extra life, yet your battery seems to last for a total of 30 minutes – not enough time to get anything done on the road. While you are struggling to find your... Read more
The New MySpace – Bringing “Teh Sexy” Back?
Just how sick are you of Facebook? We’ve been hearing complaints about the social network for eons, but it doesn’t seem that people are actually leaving it in droves. On the contrary, Facebook is closing in on 1 billion users. Obviously, unless there is an attractive alternative to Facebook,... Read more
iPhone 5-Missing Features
The iPhone 5 is by far the most beautifully crafted Apple smartphone to date, unfortunately much like the Apple phones that came before it the iPhone 5 is missing features that would allow it to more evenly compete with its main competitors. From lousy charging support to a lack... Read more
Is Linux No More?

Is Linux No More?

News October 2, 2012

Not everyone owns a computer with a Linux desktop, but those who do love what they have. Linux has a reputation for better performance and since their operating system is smaller, things seem to move at a better pace. Linux applications are always controlled and most errors associated with... Read more
Careful BitTorrent Users: You Are Being Watched!
Anyone who uses a site like BitTorrent assumes that their activity will be monitored within a few short hours of using the site, but what most downloaders do not realize is that even the first-time users are being watched. BitTorrent, a major player in the online file-sharing game, is... Read more
Top 5 iPhone 5 Features
After an endless wait, for the fans at least, Apple finally launched the iPhone 5 and released it to the public. Within a couple of days, Apple announced it had run out of stock to ship and the orders would be completed in three weeks. The phenomenal success of... Read more
Will Smartphones Kill The Digital Advertising Age?
Mobile devices have changed the way the marketing industry operates. Thanks to the smaller screen and bigger possibilities, global marketing companies have to find new, creative ways to market products. That is why at the annual WPP Stream conference the importance of digital advertising through mobile devices was a... Read more
What’s The Deal With iPhone’s Passbook?
Let’s face it; there were a lot of issues and concerns regarding the new Apple iOS 6 release. Not only were the Apple maps less than impressive, but some users are confused about a new app that popped up on their home screen: iPhone Passbook. What is it?  ... Read more
Bad Piggies and Other Angry Birds Alternatives
Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise was a massive hit, with an audience spanning kids to grandparents – and everyone in between. Pundits have long ago dissected to death the reason for the games’ success, but I think it all boils down to the simplicity of the game play. In any... Read more
Google Cracks Down On PirateBay
Google has been promising for a few months now that they would create their “blacklist” and they finally kept their word. The latest updates to their algorithms have blacklisted The Pirate Bay from showing up on any autocomplete or Google Instant search query results. That means when a user... Read more
Microsoft IE Security Woes

Microsoft IE Security Woes

News September 29, 2012

Microsoft has never been known to offer the most secure software, but legions of users continue to be loyal to the brand. In spite of the seemingly countless issues plaguing the operating system– various iterations included – Microsoft remains at the top. The Latest Security Flaw Early this month,... Read more