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Dropbox Latest Security Offerings
In mid-July, a few hundred Dropbox users started to receive spam emails for online gambling sites. Though some did not realize the connection, others started to figure out that these spammers got their information from Dropbox. Two weeks later, Dropbox confirmed that it had been hacked and that these... Read more
Google Apps or Office 365?
Let the battle of the “office clouds” begin! There has been a lot of advertising about the recent changes Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 have gone under, but which is best suited for users? There is a multitude of factors that users need to consider when comparing Google... Read more
Happy Birthday Google Chrome!
When Google Chrome was originally released in 2008, it promised Internet users that it would offer a faster, easier browsing experience for laptops and desktops alike. After four successful years of operation, Google Chrome will be celebrating not only its 4th birthday but also the fact that June 2012... Read more
The MS Office Store
This week the MS Office Store opened itself up for business offering productivity and business-boosting applications for professionals. Computer users have known that the release was coming, but they didn’t expect the release results that Microsoft Office’s Store was able to produce. They didn’t just open – they flung... Read more
Skype versus Google Talk
The age of VoIP has certainly started to take place. Individuals no longer talk on phones – they talk on computers. Two popular VoIP providers include Skype and Google Talk. While both of these services offer chat capabilities, instant messages and video over the web, it is hard to... Read more
Can Anyone Topple YouTube?
YouTube is considered the undisputed champion for video streaming, but from a market standpoint, YouTube only controls 60 percent. So who is sharing the other 40? Believe it or not, there are over a thousand different sites trying to take over the YouTube kingdom and most offer better searches,... Read more
Java Patch Frailties

Java Patch Frailties

InternetNews September 17, 2012

The end of August sparked panic for Java’s creator, Oracle and users when an emergency Java 7 patch opened the door for attacks. Though Oracle may not like to admit it, it seems that this news only showcased a previously undisclosed vulnerability that Oracle knew about all along. Oracle... Read more
Industries That The ‘Cloud’ Will Kill
Most consumers born before 1985 remember floppy disks. These now obsolete products were once all a user had to backup important information from their computer’s hard-drive. When the floppy was replaced with hardware items like external hard drives and USB flash drives, it seemed that computer hardware was going... Read more
Adobe Flash’s Fall From Mobility
Before the days of mobile supremacy Adobe Flash software dominated the computing landscape. In fact it was nearly impossible to load a website, power certain applications and work in general without it. That supremacy quickly changed when Apple’s iPhone series entered the market. Realizing that Adobe was a power... Read more
Apple’s Enterprise Market Strategy
The last couple of years have seen an exponential rise in the sales of consumer gadgets. Now, every other person has his/her own smartphone or tablet. Despite being resistant at first, companies have begun opening up to the idea of allowing their employees to bring their own devices to... Read more
Apple’s Patents-Who’s Next In the Firing Line?
The biggest technology news of the year, potentially one of the biggest of the decade, got heads turning and caught many industry experts off-guard. That news was none other than Apple winning its patent lawsuit against Samsung. Samsung was found guilty of infringing patent copyrights Apple holds in the... Read more
Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012

Internet September 14, 2012

The Google I/O is an annual event held by Google for developers from across the US and the world. As with all things Google, the I/O is heavily publicized and captures media and public attention. The tickets sell out within a few hours of going on sale. Everything is... Read more
RIP Windows XP

RIP Windows XP

News September 14, 2012

Microsoft Window XP, the most popular operating system of all times has two more years to live and then it will become history.  The longest lived operating system will rest in peace on 8th April 2014 as announced by Microsoft. The beginning of the two year countdown until the... Read more
5 Security Risks Your Company Is Taking
Operating a business in today’s dynamic environment is not easy. Your business is exposed to a myriad of threats, which can damage your company’s reputation, leak out confidential information and weaken your company’s position in the market. The more office work is becoming paperless and computerized, the more businesses... Read more
FBI’s Most Wanted Hackers
There is something about hackers and hacking that make people think of a life of excitement and adventure. People, in general, may be divided into different camps as to their opinion of hackers, which in turn, depends largely on one’s definition of what makes a hacker. If we were... Read more
The Best Cloud Based Office Tools
The cloud has made it possible for a massive amount of users to collaborate on projects by simply logging onto the internet and access shared files. As cloud computing becomes more prevalent numerous products have begun to enter the market. If you plan to access the web and share... Read more
Patent Wars

Patent Wars

InternetMobile September 13, 2012

Less than a month has gone by since a California court gave the verdict for the “patent trial of the century”, where Apple seemingly came out as the winner over Samsung. This highly publicized trial has caught the attention of experts (the real ones, not the pundits you can... Read more
The 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps
Cloud storage has made our lives so much easier, doing away with many of the issues related to backing up important files and sharing data. The need for physical storage devices, which highlight issues such as space, cost, and portability, is practically a non-issue for the average user, thanks... Read more