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NYC Museum Of Modern Art To Feature Video Game Collection
Do you consider Pac-Man to be a modern work of art? Or perhaps Myst is more your idea of an artists’ touch. In any case the New York City Museum of Modern Art plans to show off those games and other as part of a new public exhibit. The... Read more
Nintendo Wii U Consoles Profitable After One Game Sale
Gaming consoles for Sony and Microsoft took years to become profitable, mainly because those companies chose to install state of the art graphics, CPU’s and other components. When it comes to the Nintendo Wii U just one game title needs to be sold in order to churn out a... Read more
Xbox Live – 10 Years of Fun
It’s been 10 years of Xbox fun and games.  As the company enters the next 10 years, here is a look at some facts and figures about the system.   Sales Over 80 million consoles have been sold since the system was first introduced.  Here’s to the first 100... Read more
What’s Up With the Nintendo Wii U?
Nintendo just launched the new Wii U with the same goal as its predecessor: to appeal to everyone from 9 to 90.  Sales have fallen for game consoles, mainly because everyone who wants one already has it.  They can also play their favorite games on their iPhone, tablet or... Read more
Best Games for Xmas 2012
As the holiday season fast approaches, you may wonder what to get your favorite gamer for a gift.  If you haven’t gotten hints or outright requests yet, here is a list of the most popular games that will be found in everybody’s  stocking this year.  Call of Duty Black... Read more
Grand Theft Auto V To Be Released Spring 2013
The latest in the popular series will be released in the Spring of 2013.  Details of Grand Theft Auto V have just been released to allow fans to wait with even more anticipation.  This episode will have three characters that players can switch back and forth from during the... Read more
The Rise of
The world of video games has changed drastically over the years, with the target audience broadening in spectrum. Gone are the days when “people who play video games” was synonymous to “nerds living in their parents’ basement”. Not that that may still be the case for some. Thanks to the burgeoning... Read more
Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Available November 8th
Fans of the game just got their first look at the new “Star Wars” edition of Angry Birds. They only get to see 50 seconds of footage, but it gives them an idea of what to expect (check out the footage below). This video game is sure to bring... Read more
Best Time Wasting Mobile Games For iOS
When it comes to wasting our time in the most fun ways possible there is almost no better solution than Apple’s iOS platform. Whether you take a moment or two with Bad Piggies or simple start 95 games at the same time with Words With Friends it is easy... Read more