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The world of video games has changed drastically over the years, with the target audience broadening in spectrum. Gone are the days when “people who play... The Rise of

The world of video games has changed drastically over the years, with the target audience broadening in spectrum. Gone are the days when “people who play video games” was synonymous to “nerds living in their parents’ basement”. Not that that may still be the case for some. Thanks to the burgeoning of devices which people use to play games and to the developers coming up with countless enjoyable games, gaming has become so widespread; so much so that some people’s Facebook profiles look like adverts for games.

The Rise of

If you have been getting some flak from your friends because of Facebook game requests, but you can’t get enough satisfaction from playing social games, then you ought to take a look at This site is the casual gamer’s dream, with hundreds of games to choose from, with the concept of bringing together people who want to play and are not being forced by repeated requests on other social networking platforms.

You know how fun it is to actually play games, but it is even better if you get to receive prizes from playing. More so, if you have the tiniest competitive bone in your body, you will relish the thought of going up against other people, comparing scores and achievements!

That is one reason Apple’s Game Center has become so popular. Of course, not everyone has an Apple device, so platforms like offers a more than feasible alternative for social gamers! Additionally, you have the option of playing games for free.

Pepper Panic: A sampling of’s games Games

Pepper Panic

Here’s one game that I have totally gotten into in the past few days: Pepper Panic. The premise is much like Bejeweled Blitz and other matching games. You have to match at least three peppers in a row or column to gain points. To make things more interesting, you need to get the peppers before they grow to full size and burn you out of the grid.

There’s something for everyone!

One concern about gaming sites is that you might not find something you like. What is great about is that it covers a lot of ground in this respect. You can choose from puzzle games, action games, strategy games, word games, card games, and sports games. There really is something for every kind of preference. And, with the platform being based on the social idea, you will most certainly find other people to play with – people who will not be irritated because of your games request like on Facebook!

There’s more good news too with King recently announcing that their Candy Crush Saga will be available in mobile format in November. This will be the second of their games to be converted to mobile format after the success of the Bubble Witch Saga, which is currently the 4th most popular iPad game.

Obviously, Pepper Panic is a personal preference, but there is a lot more where that came from. So, if you are looking for games to kill some time, I suggest visiting A whole new world of social gaming is waiting for you!

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