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How to Letter Comics in Photoshop
In the olden days, way back in 40BP (Before Photoshop) everything in comic books was hand drawn and coloured. The penciller would pencil it, the inker would ink it, the colourist would colour it and the letterer would, you guessed it, letter it. Hard to believe perhaps that a... Read more
How To Find A Low Cost Android Tablet
Android tablets are taking over the world. The price of a decent tablet is plummeting and with so much choice out there it can be daunting knowing where to start if you’re considering a new one. We have tablets aimed at kids, tablets aimed at older users, casual users... Read more
How To Play ZX Spectrum Classic Laser Squad Online
For those of a certain age, a small black box with a rainbow logo and rubber keys brings back many fond memories. The ZX Spectrum was a 8-bit computer that loaded it’s games from a cassette tape and was the progenitor of many a bedroom programmer. Despite it’s obvious... Read more
How to Improve the Definition of Line Art in Photoshop
If you are working on scans on black and white art or images in Photoshop, you have likely come across the problem of murky scans where the paper is off white or the larger areas of dark in are not uniform. When printed these become real problems as the... Read more
How To Create Your Own Motion Comic
We’ve had e-books, e-zines, e-cigarrettes and if you eat in the wrong restaurant, E.coli.  The next big thing in the e-publishing revolution is motion comics, with a number of companies jostling for market supremacy and experimenting with the form. The leader at the moment seems to be Madefire, who... Read more
How To Save Time With Macros in Photoshop
Have you ever found yourself repeating the same task again and again in Photoshop and wished you had the programming knowledge to automate it? Then I have good news for you, Photoshop will do it for you, and there’s no need to learn any coding skills or new complicated... Read more
Here’s How You Can Watch Apple’s Big Media Event Live
While it would be an awesome experience to witness Apple’s big media event on 9/9/14 in person, for many of us that’s not even close to being a reality. Apple hasn’t forgotten about us, though, and they’re providing a way for everyone who’s interested to watch everything that happens... Read more
Strong Passwords: How To Make Them
It is commonplace to see the phrase “Be sure to use a strong password.”  In fact, if you have any dealings whatsoever online, then you will constantly see it.  Why should you have a strong password? Well, for one thing if you don’t and your data is easily accessed,... Read more
Speed Up Your Android Smartphone in Three Easy Steps
If you’ve noticed that your Android smartphone is not at its best, then we’re here to help you give it a check up. It may be that your handset is running slow or just not performing as well as it used to, either way, don’t put it off any... Read more
How To Scan Specific Folders For Duplicate Files Using Gemini
The one thing that I don’t like about using my Mac is the amount of duplicate files I accumulate.  I suppose the very same thing happens to me when I use my Windows machine, but because I use my Mac more often, I end up with more duplicates. And... Read more
How To Use Opera Link
Opera is great alternative to the other ‘main’ selection of browsers on the market today. And a great feature of Opera is Opera Link.  This feature allows you to share your data between all your computers and devices, which run the Opera browser. The functionality of Opera Link allows... Read more
How to Install Brushes in Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a great application for image manipulation.  There are so many different ways that you can edit your images and enhance your work.  In this article we will very briefly discuss the brush tool.  The brush tool is a basic painting tool. It works like a traditional... Read more
How to Delete Temporary Files Using CCleaner
As you may be aware, CCleaner from Piriform is one of the best system cleaners that you can get on the market today.  The application is both easy to use and powerful. In this article, we will discuss how to delete all of the temporary files that are created... Read more
How To Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With A Second Router
Sometimes your WiFi signal can drop on more than the odd occasion or maybe you live in a large house?  Either way don’t worry as it’s possible to use a second, spare router to solve the issue.  The process is not that complicated and could save you a lot of... Read more
How To Take 360 Panorama Photographs Like a Pro
One thing I really do like about Smartphones is the ability to take pictures.  I remember way back in the day when I first got a Siemens S55 with a detachable camera.  The images were rubbish, but I had a phone with a camera and it was awesome! These... Read more
How To Use An Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad For Your PC
Like most of you folks I like playing the occasional video game, but find I have no time.  I eventually made the decision it was time for the Xbox to go.  When I sold on my Xbox 360, I decided the controller might come in handy for gaming on... Read more
How To Use Older Programs On New Versions Of Windows
I admit that it took me a while to switch over from Windows XP to Vista and then it took me pretty much no time at all to switch back, may I add.  But when Windows 7 was released, I was all over it.  I don’t really like using... Read more
How To Create/Play Blu-ray ISO Image Files On A Media PC
I love movies like most people, but I tend to keep my collection on backup files rather than using DVD or Blu-Ray.  It is quite easy to back up your DVD and Blu-ray collection to ISO image files.  An ISO is a file, which is an exact image of... Read more