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How To Make Text Float In Photoshop
With the possible exception Peter Pan, everyone and everything has a shadow, as long as light is hitting it. Internal shadows appear where the surface contours towards and away from the light source. External shadows appear behind wherever the light source is. Multiple light sources cause multiple shadows and... Read more
How to Create Chromakey Effects in Video
We’ve come a long way since Star Wars. Where the ability to magically insert different video elements together was once the province of special effects studios, with expensive equipment that filled an aircraft hanger, most of us can now create complex and impressive chromakey effects on our home computers.... Read more
How to Reverse an Audio Clip in Adobe Audition
Ever since someone realised you could manually spin a vinyl record the wrong way, people have been experimenting with playing sound backwards. The Beatles did it to great effect using reverse tape effects on Sergeant Pepper, and some bands tried mind control by hiding hidden messages via phonetic reversal... Read more
How To Change Faces in Photoshop
Photoshop is capable of amazing things, you can literally create anything, or change anything into anything, but let’s be honest, all a lot of people really want to do 90% of the time is to put someone else’s face into a photo. Here’s a very simple way to do... Read more
Google Chrome Hack Lets Android Apps Run On Browser‏
Android apps have always been confined to the mobile, but what if users were to enable the 1.3 million mobile apps to work on Chrome, Mac and Windows OS? This is what one developer has been able to achieve, going under the alias of “Vladikoff.” Vladikoff used App Runtime... Read more
How To Self-Publish A Calendar And Sell It Online
With digital photography now the norm for most people, having physical prints of your photos is less common than it used to be, which led to the advent of people producing their own premium hardback photo books, mugs, cushions, jigsaws and fridge magnets to show off their photos instead... Read more
How To Use The Magic Wand Tool In Photoshop
Ever wished you had a magic wand? Well if you use Adobe Photoshop then your dream just came true. At the top of the left sidebar, fourth button down is the quick selection tool, hover over that for a second or two and you will see that hiding behind... Read more
How To Blur Images In Photoshop
If you’ve used Instagram, you’ve probably had a play around with the option that allows you to blur part of an image, to give focus to a circular or horizontal section of your photo. This can be very effective on photos, creating what at first glance looks like a... Read more
How To Unlock Your Blackberry For Free
Especially if you have a slightly older model, like a Curve, unlocking your Blackberry so it works on any network is now very simple and there really is no need to pay anyone to do it for you. Don’t worry if you’ve never unlocked a phone in your life,... Read more
Understanding The Difference Between RGB And CMYK In Photoshop
Apples and oranges, both fruit, both spherical, both have pips, both can be peeled, it’s astonishing that we can tell them apart, and yet everyone manages it. Some people have described RGB and CMYK as the apples and oranges of colour image formats, but they’re not, they are two... Read more
How To Resurrect A HP Touchpad
The HP Touchpad, a powerful large screen tablet that was discontinued almost the moment it was manufactured due to HP abandoning their WebOS operating system. The following firesale saw a large number of Touchpads released into the wild and they continue to be a favourite with tech savvy users... Read more
How to Find the World’s Best Coloring Book
If you have children of a certain age, or if you just happen to enjoy the therapeutic action of colouring in a nice picture, then you’ve probably at some time bought a colouring book. The problem of course with colouring books is that they often contain simple line art... Read more
How to Eliminate Background Noise in Adobe Audition
No matter how good your recording set up is, you will always find some element of background noise. Either the distant hum of a neighbours air conditioning unit, static caused by radio interference or more often than not the fan on your own PC. Or have you a digital... Read more
Is Your Mac Getting Slow? Then CClean It!
Sometimes your Mac can seem a little slow and sluggish.  If that’s the case with your Mac then instead of having a technician take a look to fix the problem, why not give CCleaner a try first and see how much more responsive your Mac can be? Piriform’s CCleaner... Read more
How to Colour Comics in Photoshop
Since the world of printing went digital, line art colouring is now nearly always done digitally. Continuing in our Photoshop how to series, here are a few simple Photoshop tips to make the most out of your comic colouring. Layers, you need to use multiple layers. This may seem... Read more
How to Take Advantage of Auto Fill in Excel
Even if you have always avoided learning how to use Microsoft Excel correctly, hiding behind the sofa whenever the word Spread and Sheet are used together? Then there are some of the timesaving options in Excel that only take a few seconds to learn. One easy one to try... Read more
How to Customise Text in Photoshop
Have you ever needed a quick Logo or Title but just didnít have the time to draw it yourself or search for a suitable new font? Those dull old fonts you already have can be spiced up using a few of Adobe Photoshop‘s simple blending tools, and this gives... Read more
Switching From Android to iPhone? Here’s A Guide!
With the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus all set to release tomorrow (Friday), there’s a good chance that more than a few people are going to be trading in their old Android phones and switching to an iPhone to see what the fuss is all about. It’s... Read more