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Facebook Cleans Out Bogus Social Media Pages
Did you notice a lot of losses on Facebook likes? Not to worry, Facebook’s purge finally hit this week. By throwing out thousands of fake accounts, users and likes, Facebook is now wiped clean. Massive Deletion In September Facebook announced that it would be starting a “massive deletion”, but... Read more
Wireless Business Cards: The New Form Of Networking
Back in the day, if you wanted to promote your business or your expertise, you would hand over a paper business card and the individual would file it away in a forgotten Rolodex. The days of the plain paper business card are over. Today’s business industry is high-tech, which... Read more
Cheap Tablets Worth Buying
In 1990 you would easily pay $2500 for an Apple Macintosh that connected to the web at 2800 baud rates and had “squint friendly” graphics, today users can purchase handheld devices that download entire movies in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost associated with... Read more
The Online Job Revolution
Back in the day, online jobs were hard to find and next to impossible to earn a living from. Today, however, more companies are offering the opportunity to work from home online. But, is it actually better? Costs When an employee works out of their home, they have several... Read more
Is Your Boss A Facebook Friend?
When Facebook first came out, you never had to worry if your boss was on Facebook. Eventually bosses caught on that Facebook was a great way to spy on employees or even see what potential employees are up to on social media. It is doubtful that this was Facebook’s... Read more
The New MySpace – Bringing “Teh Sexy” Back?
Just how sick are you of Facebook? We’ve been hearing complaints about the social network for eons, but it doesn’t seem that people are actually leaving it in droves. On the contrary, Facebook is closing in on 1 billion users. Obviously, unless there is an attractive alternative to Facebook,... Read more
Careful BitTorrent Users: You Are Being Watched!
Anyone who uses a site like BitTorrent assumes that their activity will be monitored within a few short hours of using the site, but what most downloaders do not realize is that even the first-time users are being watched. BitTorrent, a major player in the online file-sharing game, is... Read more
Google Cracks Down On PirateBay
Google has been promising for a few months now that they would create their “blacklist” and they finally kept their word. The latest updates to their algorithms have blacklisted The Pirate Bay from showing up on any autocomplete or Google Instant search query results. That means when a user... Read more
Life Online Mirror – How The Internet Sees You
Have you ever wondered what your internet browsing could add up to? The National Media Museum in the United Kingdom has wondered that very same thing. The “Life Online Mirror” was created to show you a digital reflection of yourself based on what you do online.   How It... Read more
Digital Coupons – How Convenient Are They Really?
Though digital coupons are certainly rewriting the rules when it comes to saving money, how convenient are they really? Thanks to the current state of the economy, more consumers are scooping up coupons and ways to save, which makes analyzing this very question something that can easily be done.... Read more
Google Stock Price Rockets
When people Google is ‘the’ search engine, you better believe it. Google has been a market leader and innovator since its breakout at the turn of the millennium. Even with all the phenomenal success it has seen over the years, Google continues to make heads turn with its achievements.... Read more
Kickstarter Makes It Harder To Raise Money For Gadget Projects
Crowd-funding website Kickstarter has helped hardware and software manufacturers raise millions of dollars for their projects, now the company is making it harder for future companies to raise the same type of money thanks to more stringent page guidelines.   Kickstarter recently sent out a memo to project creators to inform... Read more
Hacked? The Latest GoDaddy Outage
The web-hosting guru GoDaddy had an outage September 10, 2012 that affected millions of domains worldwide. Initially, news reports concluded that the GoDaddy outage was from a hacker, but GoDaddy was quick to defend them.   The Complaint September 10th millions of registered domains through the GoDaddy web system... Read more
The Pinterest Revolution
Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks around. Already valued at over $1.5 billion, this virtual pinboard and social media platform does something that other social networks cannot – it pins.  The concept behind Pinterest is simple. A user will share their favorite websites through the use... Read more
Facebook Social Search: A Google Search Competitor?
At the Disrupt conference this year, there was a lot of buzz about a potential Facebook social search that would clobber the makers over at Google. Since Facebook’s start, it has been constantly evolving and striving to beat out the competition and take on new competitors – such as... Read more
Disrupt SF-5 Startups To Watch Out For
This year the Disrupt event in San Francisco did something a little different: themed pavilions. These pavilions ranged from hardware to impact and even startups. Visitors would be able to look at the new and upcoming startup companies by themes to make browsing a little easier. From those themes,... Read more
Is Video Streaming More Energy-Intensive than Plastic Discs?
When digital video and music streaming was first released, it was marketed as a “green” alternative to buying traditional disks. Unfortunately, the times have changed. Music and video streaming may actually do more harm to the environment than we think. Though there is no waste, there is energy consumption.... Read more
Apple Wins Lawsuit in Germany – Will Google Motorola Be Banned?
The ‘Rubber Band’ Lawsuit Following their historic triumph over Samsung in the US, Apple didn’t cease and took its winning habits over to Germany. Apple had filed a lawsuit against Google Motorola in Germany regarding their patent of the ‘Rubber Band’ effect. As it turned out, Google Motorola was... Read more