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Alexa, Open Cortana: Microsoft And Amazon To Integrate Cortana and Alexa
Tech giants announce first-of-its-kind collaboration. “Alexa has made a new friend,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted to announce a major collaboration between the two tech giants. So it turns out, both Amazon and Microsoft have been working together for the last 12 months to make Alexa and Cortana BFFs.... Read more
New York Cops To Replace 36,000 Windows Phones with iPhones
Move comes just months after the last Windows 8.1 smartphones were delivered to NYPD cops. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has said it is to replace 36,000 Windows smartphones it handed out to officers over the last 24 months.  The new is hardly surprising, if embarrassing for... Read more
Google Pulls 500 Apps With Secret Spyware Backdoor
Google kills secret plugin download after being alerted by researchers. It’s terrible when an app that collects data in order to target users with advertising turns on you, but that’s exactly what prompted Google to pull 500 apps from the Play Store last week. Those apps, ranging from games... Read more
Oops. Apple Leaks iPhone 8 While Testing A Firmware Update
Image adds weight to facial-recognition unlock rumours.  The internet is a-buzz right now with news garnered from a very uncharacteristic Apple foible, one that is so unlike the company that it smells intentional. It seems that months of speculation about the features and upgrades to the anticipated iPhone 8 (name... Read more
Apple Removes VPN Apps From China Store After Government Pressure. 
Apple puts profit and market access ahead of principles. Apple has bowed pressure from the Chinese government and has admitted it has removed all VPN (Virtual Private Network) services from the Chinese App store. VPNs allow users to bypass China’s so-called “Great Firewall” aimed at restricting access to overseas... Read more
New RED Phone Has A Holographic Display
… And A $1K+ Pricetag! Tech innovation is a strange arena. On the one hand, new products and concepts are being leaked online every day. At the same tine, it can feel like manufacturers are in a race to see who can put out nearly identical products in an... Read more
Your iPhone May Soon Store Your Medical File
Apple appear to be making medical moves. In the latest “this could be amazing but no it’s probably not but oh wait yes it might be headline,” reports have surfaced that Apple might be engaged in some top-secret research and acquisitions that will someday enable your iPhone to store... Read more
Microsoft Adds Ubuntu OS To Windows Store
But for now it’s for Windows 10 Insiders only.  Double check the date if you want, but it’s not April 1st, and Microsoft really have made the Ubuntu Linux operating system (OS) available on the Windows Store. Canonical, the developer of the Ubuntu version of Linux, have announced the unprecedented... Read more
iPhone 8 Features Rumored Ahead Of Fall Launch
The most accurate sneak peek yet at Apple’s flagship phone. There are already so many rumors swirling about the anticipated launch of the next generation of iPhone, even down to what the device will be called. While most of are habitually referring to it as an 8, other names... Read more
Apple Says Goodbye To iPhone 5 With iOS 11 Update
Full support for sixth generation handset ends.  Bad news for holdouts who don’t want to upgrade to the newest models of iPhone: Apple is discontinuing support for the iPhone 5 family of devices with the newest update to its mobile operating system. The announcements comes on the heels of... Read more
35 Million Android Users Infected With Malware
Number of Judy malware victims hits staggering total.  Google Play customers, beware: more than 30 million Android devices are believed to have been infected with Judy Malware, a seemingly benign virus as far as bad guys go. A new report found that a lone company has 41 apps up on... Read more
Charge Your Smartphone In 5 Minutes By 2018?
Chief executive of StoreDot, Doron Myersdorf, says you will. Thr technology required to fully charge your mobile phone in just 300 seconds could be on the market and in the smartphone in your hand by 2018. That is at least, according to the boss of Israeli firm behind the technology,... Read more
Microsoft Working On New Windows Based Phone? Set To Release In 2018? Maybe!
Rumours circulate of new Windows Mobile operating system (OS) and possible handsets and hardware to go with it. While Microsoft has all but given up on its current ‘Windows Phone’ support and development, the tech firm is reportedly working on yet another mobile experience. The news, if the normally... Read more
Cloak And Dagger Attack Can Infect Every Android Device
New attacks allow malicious app to completely control UI feedback loop and take over your device. First, the good news: this particular attack is somewhat theoretical at this point, since the good guys were the ones who discovered it. The bad news, though, is manifold. Anyone with the right know-how... Read more
Nostalgic Nokia 3310 Reboot Sells Out
But was the 3310 ever that good, or is it just a case of style over substance?   Since becoming the story of the Mobile World Congress back in February, anticipation has been high for the updated return of the 3310 to our streets. The Finnish company behind the nostalgia buzz,... Read more
MoboPlay added to FileHippo
The all-in-one Android and iOS manager. MoboPlay for PC has been added to FileHippo’s massive range of great free software. This powerful multi-file manager makes it easier than ever to manage your devices. You can now freely backup, restore, and manage your files, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, music, and images... Read more
Android Beats Windows To Become Most Used Operating System
Android has nudged ahead to become the world’s most popular OS. OK, so it might have only squeaked ahead by just 0.02%, but Android usage has beaten all other combined versions of Microsoft’s Windows into second place, for the first time. That is, at least according to Irish analytics firm StatCounter.... Read more
Nokia 3310 Relaunches 17 Years After Original Release
The legendary Nokia 3310 brick is back, and don’t panic, it still has Snake. The new and updated version of Nokia’s iconic handset, which was famous for being as indestructible as it was useful, was re-unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Sunday. More than 126 million... Read more