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Cracked Smart-Phone Screens CouldĀ Self-HealĀ In FutureĀ 
Self-healing glass could mark the end of the dreaded shattered phone screen. A new type of polymer glass that can heal itself when cracked by simply being pressed together by a person’s hands, is now in development by scientists at the University of Tokyo after a student there discovered it… by accident.  Graduate school student Yu... Read more
Skirting iPhone X’s Facial ID With DIY Hack
Apple iPhone X Face ID fooled by a mask. In the months of giddy speculation and strategically leaked news about the latest iPhone, one of the much touted features was a camera that was specifically suited for facial recognition. It presumably spoke to capabilities of facial recognition for things... Read more
EaseUSĀ MobiMoverĀ Free 3.0 for iPhone: Simple, Effective, Intuitive, Free
Effortlessly transfer photos, music, videos and more from your computer to your iPhone or iPad with EaseUS MobiMover Free. EaseUS MobiMover Free is a professional iPhone manager, that also doubles as a data transfer tool giving allowing you to export photos, music, videos, contacts, notes and Safari bookmarks, with... Read more
WhatsApp ā€˜Fakeā€™ Downloaded More Than One Million Times From Google Play
Fake Android update appeared in Google’s official app store. It is understood that more than a million people downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp onto their Android devices through the official Google App center, before Google realized and removed the fake app from the Play store. Itā€™s easy to see... Read more
Legal Govt Tracking Of Mobile Phones For Data Mining
Mobile phone tracking data ‘could replace census questions’. A recent UK government announcement just might prompt a few citizens to fetch their tinfoil hats: the Office of National Statistics (ONS), what in other countries might be referred to as the “census bureau,” has revealed that they’ve tested a data... Read more
Adobe Predicts Online Mobile Christmas Shopping Will Break New Records This Year
More than 50% of all web traffic will be from smartphones and tablets. Adobe Analytics has released its online shopping predictions for the upcoming holiday season and have estimated that online sales will be some $107.4 billion in the United States, alone – an increase of almost 15% on... Read more
Snapchat Drops Out Of App Store Top Ten
Snap Inc (SNAP) no Longer a Top 10 iOS App Store app. For the first time all year, popular yet potentially dubious messaging and image-sharing app Snapchat, fell out of the top 10 in the iOS App Store rankings. Without a lot of information as to what could have... Read more
Apple Fires Engineer Over iPhone X Leak?
Engineer reportedly fired after his daughter posted a video of the iPhone X before the official launch. There’s a tale or two going around the internet, one that leaves so many unanswered questions as to be nearly unbelievable. Reportedly, an engineer at Apple invited his daughter – Brooke Peterson... Read more
Microsoft Draws The Final Curtain On Windows 10 Mobile
Platform will only receive bug fixes and security patches going forward. Microsoft has admitted that it has no plans to release any new hardware or software for its Windows 10 Mobile and the platform will only receive bug fixes and security patches going forward, effectively ending Microsoft’s current journey... Read more
Apple Investigating Reports Of ‘Serious Battery Failure’ On iPhone 8 Plus
Apple has admitted it’s looking into multiple reports of  swelling batteries in its new flagship iPhone 8 Plus smartphones. Pictures on social media and growing reports from tech websites and mainstream news media have shown a number of the high end iPhone 8 Plus handsets that appeared to have... Read more
BlackBerry Back In The Black As Sales And Shares Soar
Everyoneā€™s favourite business phone is back in the game! BlackBerry, the former phone manufacturing titan whose quick rise to the top of the mobile phone industry, and subsequent fall from the top which at times seemed like it would never end, is back. The transformation from loss making smartphone... Read more
Bill Gates Chooses Android Over Windows and iPhone
World’s richest main confesses personal cellphone choice. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the man behind Windows has admitted that he no longer uses a Windows phone and has chosen Android over Apple when it comes to his choice of mobile phone. Gates broke the news, albeit somewhat... Read more
Bluetooth Vulnerability Is Open Door To Hackers
New BlueBorne attack can access computers, phones, and IoT devices, in seconds. If you build it, they will find a way to exploit it. That’s the feeling in the security industry, where another day means another vulnerability for hackers to use to infiltrate a variety of devices and networks. This... Read more
WhatsApp Blocked In China, Again
Joins long list of banned digital services including Google, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and SnapChat. News emerges that the WhatsApp messaging app has once again found itself widely blocked across most of mainland China. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, Chinese officials did the same thing in July, but unblocked the service after... Read more
Are Millennials Killing Apple, Too?
Price tag and wait for new iPhone X proving a turn off for Generation Y buyers. Millennials have been blamed for the death of everything good, from child-rearing, to date night, to home ownership. But a new finding from the tech sector might place the blame for yet another... Read more
Apple Watch Helped Red Sox ‘Cheat’
Boston baseball team accused of using tech to beat New York Yankees.  Major league baseball  – like mot other professional sports – has its ups and downs when it comes to scandals, but this one might be the most ridiculous one since the infamous New England Patriots “deflategate” fiasco. The... Read more
Tinder Tops Apple Store With New ā€˜Premiumā€™ Feature
-For the first in its history, Tinder has become the top-grossing app in Apple’s online app store, beating the likes of Netflix, Candy-Crush, and other hit apps such as Clash Royale.  The sudden burst to the top of the charts comes straight after Tinder launched a paid-for ā€˜premiumā€™ feature... Read more
Samsung vs iPhone Still A Game Of Catchup
Is the Galaxy Note 8 Samsung’s phoenix phone? It’s been a rough year-and-a-half for Samsung, who suffered the single most damaging product recall in smartphone history when its Galaxy 7 handsets began exploding. The situation was so dire that some airlines banned the phones from their planes, even while... Read more