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Mobile Overtakes Desktop Web Browsing For First Time
According to data released by StatCounter for October, mobile devices were used more often for web browsing than traditional desktop machines. The figures show that combined mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3 percent of worldwide web use compared to 48.7 percent via desktop. OK, so there’s only a... Read more
Apple Updates iOS 10 To Fix Issues
Did you update your phone to iOS 10, only to discover that your Instagram pictures were now zebra-stripped? Or that your Amazon Echo app no longer liked you? You’re not alone. A number of iPhone users have reported that some of their favorite apps had to be uninstalled and... Read more
Pixel: The Power Of Software
The anticipation leading up to Google’s launch of its new smartphone came with mixed speculation. While known for innovation and a game-changing approach to its products, the Pixel and Pixel XL came to market with a cloud of naysaying speculation hanging over its launch. But now that Pixel is... Read more
Australian airlines ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights
Qantas, JetStar, and Virgin Australia take step to snuff out risk of on-board fires The 3 airlines all cite the smartphone’s potential fire risk as the reason for the ban, which came into effect on Sunday night.   It’s more bad news for Samsung which is currently in the... Read more
Why Choose BlueStacks App Player?
The power of smartphones is really amazing. In an awe-inspiring level of techno-evolution, we’ve gone from the pleather-encased bag phone of the ’90s to a palm-sized supercomputer in the course of one consumer generation. But there are still some limitations on the smartphone of today that makes them just... Read more
More Airlines To Carry Fire Containment Bags For Overheating Devices
Perhaps unsurprisingly, more airlines have announced their intentions to begin carrying ‘Fire Containment’ bags for overheating mobile devices that may be in danger of spontaneously combusting, as standard. The extra security step is being taken to prevent a possible disaster in the event any passenger device with a lithium... Read more
The Changing Face Of Facial Recognition
Facial recognition software is the eerie stuff of Hollywood cyberthrillers, and interestingly, it always seems to be the “good guys” who are using it badly. The rogue hero somehow manages to thwart their efforts by ducking and weaving through a crowded metro station while the suddenly inept cops can’t... Read more
New Apps Meet Everyday Needs
Years ago, I was standing on a Manhattan street corner, waiting on the car service to take me to the airport. A colleague who’d attended the same conference said, “Why are you waiting out here? Just use Uber.” After my blank stare, she was inclined to explain about this... Read more
Software Speeds Mass Transit For The Disabled
Apart from the major metropolitan areas, mass transit isn’t quite the reality that many people envision. Regular bus routes, subway or metro train lines, even taxis aren’t in place for people who live outside of a large city. Even on-demand apps that rely on per-gig drivers like Uber and... Read more
Verizon Leaks Early Pics Of Google’s Pixel Smartphone
Only hours away from Google’s highly anticipated live hardware unveiling event, Verizon and a few other key people did the unthinkable: they leaked pictures of Google’s new smartphone online. Media embargoes and non-disclosure agreements can be tricky things. Violating the agreement not to divulge information before the appointed time... Read more
Blackberry To Stop Making Phones
Blackberry, once the market leader when it came to business mobile phone solutions has announced it will stop designing and manufacturing smartphones. The company has struggled to compete with smartphone competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android based solution. The Blackberry phone will most probably be remembered for its... Read more
Samsung Updating Note 7 Whether You Like It Or Not
When it comes to product recalls, consumer response can be sluggish. Take the low turnout in Seoul recently, in which only a small percentage of Samsung Note 7 users showed up to exchange their smartphones (aka, “fire starter”). But Samsung owners in one regional market are either going to... Read more
Featured Software: Password Boss
There’s a universal truth about passwords: they suck. More specifically, it’s tech users who kinda suck at coming up with passwords. Why? Because it’s annoying, or because it’s time consuming, or more likely, because there’s this little belief that hacking won’t happen to them. But with record setting numbers... Read more
Are You Ready For iOS10?
If you don’t plan to shell out the big bucks for a brand-new iPhone–the one that notoriously doesn’t have a headphone jack, by the way–you can still take advantage of a lot of the highly-touted new features with your very own download of iOS10, compatible with versions of the... Read more
What’s In Store For The New iPhone?
The upcoming release of the iPhone 7 has carried all the usual hush-hush speculation and squashed rumors, but so far, this iteration of the popular mobile device looks to be one of the most truly “changed” versions yet. While it was still carry its none-too-tiny Apple product price tag,... Read more
Apple To Remove Abandoned Apps From App Store
Apple has sent an email to its developers detailing some changes that are about to happen to in the App Store… …And if any of the web chatter I’ve seen over the last few hours is anything to go by, the news seems to have met with almost universal... Read more
Apple Issues Patch For Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Apple has issued a warning to its customer base, urging them to update their devices’ iOS to include a new patch that stops three recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. For most of us, that probably amounts to blocking someone from infiltrating our Facebook accounts, but the reality of the flaws... Read more
Apple Adds New Privacy To iOS…Thanks To Microsoft
In the current technology climate, privacy is every bit a commodity as the latest consumer gadget. With more and more everyday tech users understanding the ramifications of turning over control of their information to a corporation or the government, there’s big money to be made in guaranteeing that no... Read more